Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mia's Birth story part 2

Mia's Birth Story Part 2..

    The rest of the day was pretty casual and we just laid low. The house was already clean because I’d been nesting everyday for over a month, and your auntie Patricia was coming to visit the next day. I did some homework and at night we went to grab a Panini from Nana (my mom) at Jonzeys. When it was time for bed and prayers your dad and I started talking about our holiday plans to go to Colorado and Utah for your baby blessing. As we talked I thought “hmm I need to get up and brush my teeth“.  I was maneuvering my big fat self off the bed when I felt a weird pop sensation and thought dang it did I pee my pants?! MY WATER BROKE AT 12:15 am.  Daddy called the birthing center and the nurse told me to come right over!! I got up, all the while leaking some more and hopped in the shower while daddy put our bags in the car. I couldn’t stop smiling, and wasn’t at all nervous. It was raining really bad out, and I called Nana to let her know we were on our way to the hospital. She drove over and decided to come with us. We had been on this drive a thousand times and even though it was pouring out, we were actually calm. Dad and I held hands and every once in a while he would look over at me and tell me how much he loved me. There was no screaming or a need to step on the gas. We weren’t stressed we were just so excited to be on our way to meet you!
    We got to the hospital at 1:35am and since it was after hours, we had to go through the emergency room entrance. They got my information and sat me down on a wheel chair. I thought it was so silly because I could still walk. But it was kind of cool being wheeled around everyone looking at me thinking “oh it’s time!!” When we got up to the birthing center a nurse took my weight then my blood pressure and took us to our room. We were in room 362, and when our nurse Stephanie came in she said we got the “lucky” room and that it was the best room to be in. I told her my water broke and as she was checking me she told me to cough. I hesitated thinking what? Are you serious?. She said Debbie cough!! So I coughed and felt a little tingle. Once your water breaks it doesn’t automatically get rid of all the water, you still leak a little for a couple of hours and when she told me to cough, apparently it was to see if more would leak. I was still at a 2cm and 80% effaced. From all my reading I knew that once your water broke, the baby would have to be delivered anywhere between 12-24 hours, so I didn’t mind being at 2 this time.
    My contractions had started when we were driving to the hospital coming about 6minutes apart and they weren’t too bad pain wise. Stephanie hooked me up to a machine to measure my contractions and she put a belt over my stomach to hear your heart beat.. I liked Stephanie she was a nice nurse but I knew I shouldn’t get too attached because pretty soon her shift would be over. Her shift ended at 4am, and in came Julie. She was nice, but I liked Stephanie a little better. Your dad and I tried napping but every hour she would come in and check on us. At 4:30am Dr. Thompson who was on call came in and checked me. I was at 4cm and dilated to 90%. I was making some progress!! He was leaving at 8am so we worried that I would get stuck with that one rude doctor. Luckily it was doctor Bendfelt on call. At 8am him and Dr. Thompson came in and both just wished me luck and told me how good I was doing. Dr. Bendfelt came back around 9am and checked me to see if I had made any more progress. I was at 5cm and still 90% effaced. I asked him what time he predicted I would have you and he guessed that at 2pm I would start pushing and deliver you by 3. That seemed so far away!!!
    The next nurse I had was Diane and she was the best! I’m so glad we had her the longest amount of time. She was so sweet and whenever I felt any pain she was on it. She was so concerned about all three of us. She kept asking dad if he needed extra blankets, if he wanted anything to drink and I so appreciated that. Some people go in thinking the mom does it all, but gosh dad’s play a huge roll. I don’t think I would have been able to do it if your daddy wasn’t by my side. She started me on some pitocin to speed up my labor a little bit, and by that time my contractions were really hurting. Every time I felt one coming your dad would come hold my hand. They were getting really intense and I was trying my hardest to control them. I would hold his hand but try not to squeeze too hard as not to hurt him. I didn’t cry out loud like we see in movies, but I was really wanting that epidural. I asked Diane and she called the anesthesiologist. Unfortunately when you ask for an epidural and when you actually get it, is two completely different things. The anesthesiologist didn’t get there until 10:20am. When he finally came Diane had me sit sideways on the bed while I hunched over so he could do his job. Contractions were about 2 minutes apart and it took him a little bit to set up, and I was just anxious to get it over with. I didn’t feel any pain as the needle went in or anything, maybe because I was so focused on my breathing during contractions. Who knows?… About 20-30 minutes later Diane asked me how I was doing and I told her I thought my contractions faded again because I was feeling really good. She pulled out the papers and showed me how often and consistent my contractions had become. I LOVED the epidural!! I admire those mom’s who don’t get one, but man alive am I glad I got one. I was able to sleep after that, and actually be apart of the whole birthing experience instead of suffering through it.
     I slept for an hour and when it was 11:30am Diane checked me. I was 10cm and 100%!!!! OH HAPPY DAY! She called Dr. Bendfelt and had him come check me too. Not sure why the point of that is but he confirmed it 10cm and 100%! He told Diane to go ahead and set everything up and that I could start pushing while he went to go do his rounds. He stayed for the first push and decided that he would stick around instead. He knew with that push that delivery would be fast.
     I started pushing at 11:58am. It was not at all how I imagined it to be nor how the videos showed things. It felt so natural and it was so casual. In the room was only Dr. Bendfelt, the nurse Diane, & your daddy and I. In between pushes we talked and laughed, and Dr. Bendfelt even complimented my fre shly painted red nails! I knew when to push and I could feel each push and each contraction but not so much that I felt like dying.. One of the first things I asked people about delivery is if it’s true that you may accidentally have a bowel movement during it all. I was so worried I would poop on the table, and apologized in advance to them in case it happened. I did not. THANK HEAVENS!! Daddy was by my side the whole time coaching me and telling me how wonderful I was doing. He would kiss my forehead and hold my hand, and once in a while peak to give me updates. Dr. Bendfelt had me put on an oxygen mask just in case I needed it, but I hated that thing. It felt more like it was suffocating me then letting me breathe. It was just a precaution, but it was annoying trying to answer their questions or talk with that thing on.  When they said they could see your little head and that you had hair it gave me the strength I needed to push a little harder. I couldn’t wait to hold you!  I pushed for exactly 36 minutes.. You were born at 12:34pm!

And honey bear were you loud!!!! You cried for a while and they even joked that we could return any baby monitors we had purchased because you have quite the lungs!!! Daddy cut your cord and the nurse placed you immediately on my chest. You looked right at me as I held you close. I looked over at your dad and he was all smiles, and even had tears in his eyes. I shed a couple too as he hugged both of us and gently kissed me. Diane and Dr. Bendfelt were still doing their jobs (delivering the placenta and cleaning up), but at that moment it felt like nothing else mattered. It was just the three of us. Our little family.

  Another nurse came in to get you cleaned up and measured. She asked daddy to help her with it all. He held the clipboard and filled things out as she shouted the information over to him. She had me guess what I thought you weighed before she told us. I guessed 8.9 (I knew I had eaten too much junk food the last couple of weeks because of stress), daddy guessed 8.5, Doctor Bendfelt and Diane guessed 8.3 and 8.2. You were a whopping 8.6 lbs. (just as daddy had predicted)! You scored 9 on your Apgar’s test and you measured 20 ½ inches. You were are perfect. As the nurse and dad took care of business, I felt myself missing you. You seemed so far away and even though I could still see you I wanted you back in my arms!! The nurse brought you over so we could try nursing. You latched on for 5 minutes and wouldn’t have it. We tried the other side and you latched on for 4 minutes. I don’t know if you just weren’t hungry or if you were just that excited to be out! They finally allowed the family to come meet you, and in came Nana, auntie Patricia and your cousins Larissa & Julie. Daddy was holding you and he didn’t want to give you up. He was just gushing with love.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mia's Birth Story Part 1


I’ve been contemplating whether or not to post this on the blog, and although I’m working on a record/keepsake journal for Mia, I figure why not have a back-up floating around in cyber space? Someday she can look back on this blog world to read and re-read the memories we’ve created as a family. I feel honored that some of you have actually asked me to post the birth story so here it is….

To my beautiful daughter; my first born.

    Your due date was November 18th/19th, we weren’t quite sure on that one. Going by mother nature’s date you were suppose to come on the 18th, and the ultrasound date said on the 19th. Neither mattered because you had a date of your own planned. I wish I had been a little more patient and had been more accepting to your plan. I just couldn’t wait to meet you and take in every moment of the experience. I kept thinking and hoping that you were actually going to be a little early, what a selfish thing to say coming from mommy huh? We all had little bets going on when you were going to make your appearance. Mommy thought you were going to be a week early, and daddy thought you were going to be a week late. Memaw (grandma Hawkes) guessed the 19th, Vovo (my dad) guessed and kept hoping that the 23rd would be it since it so happens to be his birthday and auntie Patricia guessed the 25th.
     Your auntie Tasha was pregnant the same time I was expecting you and your cousin Noah was due 2 weeks after you.  I jokingly said to her that with my luck she would deliver before me. I should learn to keep my mouth shut to prevent from jinxing myself so much.. Because that’s exactly what happened. Tasha called me Sunday, November 13th, and said “I have some bad news”.. I felt so bad that she felt bad. There she was in pain about to welcome cute Noah into the world, while at the same time feeling guilty to perhaps hurt my feelings. She’s incredible. I was so happy for her and yet I found myself crying a little bit after we hung up. They weren’t tears of jealousy or hurt, they were mostly sad tears for not having you with us.
    The next week was a tough one. I kept going to classes, and everywhere I went people kept saying “Oh wow you’re still here?” “You look like you’re ready to pop”.. What a terrible thing to say to a sensitive pregnant lady on the edge of having meltdowns. There were a couple of times during the week were daddy and I thought for sure that this was the moment, but my contractions would slowly start fading away. We had an appointment that Tuesday and I had my fingers crossed that I had made some progress. I had been at a 2cm 80% dilated for what felt like forever. Sadly, the doctor didn’t have the news that I wanted to hear. I was still at 2cm and 80%. All that walking, yoga, squatting, wishing and hoping didn’t seem to do me any good. For the rest of the week I dreaded going to classes because I hated having to explain my self to classmates and professors. Every time someone would ask me, I could feel my heart tighten a little. I continued to walk, to do the yoga, bouncy ball, eat spicy food, hoping that by the next check up they would miraculously say “Oh you’re ready to check in to the hospital!!”
  That weekend we had a surprise party for Brandi (on your actual due date), and on the drive over I started to have some contractions. I kept them to myself for a while, trying to not get my hopes up. About 30 an hour later I couldn’t hide it anymore and told Tyler. I was really excited/nervous/and still pretty calm. We left the party early and called the hospital as soon as we walked into the house. The nurse on call told me to just take a warm shower and some motrin and that if I was still having them in an hour to drive over to the hospital. So that’s exactly what I did, and sure enough they starting fading again. I was a little disappointed and tried not to think about it too much. I told Tyler that at my next appointment I was going to ask them to induce me because I was super duper impatient.
    My appointment was set for Tuesday, but because I was so curious and feeling frustrated I called and changed it for Monday. Again, we drove the 45 minutes thinking maybe this is it, maybe she’ll come today… Dr. Brooks checked me and told me I was still at 2% and 85% effaced, but that it was getting closer. He could see I was upset by the news and when I asked if I could be induced he said that they don’t really suggest that unless I’m 7-10 days over the due date, or if baby is in distress, but since we were both healthy the answer was “wait it out“. He said he would go ahead and schedule an induction for the following Monday just in case, and asked what kind of birth control method we were considering postpartum. He left the room and went to go write up some documents for us and as soon as he walked out I started crying. I felt so silly crying, and I knew your dad felt just as upset as I did, and for a minute we just hugged each other. We didn’t need to say much. I came home and missed my after noon class. There was no way I was going to school, feeling the way I did.
    The next day I had only one class, an anatomy lab which is from 12:30-3:30.  For some reason though I woke up at 7 and went straight to your room. I opened your dressers where I had folded and organized all of your baby clothes. I touched each item imaging you in them. I smelled your blankets, I sat on the rocking chair with a baby book and started reading aloud but found myself silently crying instead.  I hated how fragile I had become, I was stronger than that and knew you would eventually come when the time was right. I’m not sure why it was so painful to just be patient. Your dad woke up and came to get me there. He kept reassuring me that everything would be okay and to just start thinking that in less than a week we would have you no matter what. (since they had scheduled an induction).
    I didn’t want to go to class, but I sucked it up and decided to not let other people’s remarks affect my mood. As soon as I walked into lab though and my sweet professor asked me how I was doing I stated to cry, only this time real water works. Like hiccup crying. She gave me a hug and when others started walking in she said “No one say anything to Debbie, leave her alone.” It gave me a little more energy and confidence that I not only would do this but that I could!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sneak peak..

We got some pictures taken with the one and only Brinn Willis. 
Gosh she's good. 
The shoot took forever, but it was well worth it. 
Wanna see some sneak peaks? Check out her work in her photography blog
Ain't my baby girl cute?! I could munch on those chubby cheeks all day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our little bundle of joy

285 days later, after much anticipation, hours of sleepless nights, 20+ pineapples eaten, loads of hormones flying everywhere......
she's finally here! 
Our little bundle of joy.
Ms. Mia Malu turned a week old today. I can't believe I have a baby, and I cannot believe it's been one full week. It went by so fast. My friend Brandi, asked me what has been my favorite part of being a mom the first week, an idea we both had seen from Sydney, one of my favorite bloggers. 
I had told told Brandi my one thing, which was when baby was put on me to nurse later in the day and while fidgeting a little bit, she found my finger and got a real strong grasp on it. I thought oh gosh, you know me! Thinking more on it I've decided that that experience is my second favorite. My number one was seeing Tyler with her the first 24 hours. It seriously melted my heart. He was so in love with our baby girl. They say that mother's often have that "pregnant glow" to them, but they leave out the "daddy glow" when babie's are born. He kept kissing her, and holding her, and just talking to her. When she cried for the first time he said something and she glanced around the room searching for her source of that familiar voice. I have loved being a mom this first week, and look forward to many more to come. It was a little tough at first, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in this world. Parenting doesn't come instantly, but I can truthfully say from experience that motherhood is an immediate feeling and gift. It has completely changed me. I love walking into the nursery and being able to just look at her peacefully sleeping. 
She's my miracle baby and I love everything about her.

ps: I'm working on our birth story trying to include every detail-feeling.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Missionary work

I love Mondays, when I get to email and hear from my little brother. He is currently serving a Spanish speaking mission in Las Vegas and has only a remaining 5 months to come home! I'm so proud of my brother, and his example. Before Tyler and I started dating I had plans to put in my mission papers on my 21st birthday... Obviously things changed and we got married instead. I wouldn't change my decision one bit, but we both look forward until the day were we'll serve as elderly couple.So my brother being out in the mission field is really special to me, because I kind of feel like I get to live through the experiences of him being out there serving as my own. So far he has baptized 20 members, and has sealed 3 families in the temple. I pray for his well being, and safety every night and asked him if I could share this latest experience he had with you guys..

"Anyways, let me tell you about an experience I had with my last companion Elder Sorenson a few weeks ago. We were riding back home and we (for some reason) didn't have with us either one of our bike lights. We were kind of late getting home. It was about 9:30 at night. We were going through our typical route cutting through the bike trail, which goes around the back of all the housing complexes and stuff, and its kind of closer to the desert where there's not really anything there. When we got close to where the train tracks were, we both just stopped riding our bikes. We sat there in a weird confusion as to why we has stopped biking. It was dark, so dark that I could barely see my companion standing right next to me. We both had a strong impression that we should stop. It was strange. I said to Elder Sorenson "Did you feel that?", and he said back "That we should stop? Yeah. I dont know why though." I didnt know why either, because we take this same route every day back home. So I tell him "Well, whatever, let's just go." to which he replied "No, we shouldnt. That was probably the spirit telling us to stop".
Logic and reason told me that A. we were super late getting home, and we needed to take this short cut or we were going to get in a mess of trouble. If we go around the other way, we would get home in an hour. B. I didnt see anything that could harm or prevent us from completing our path that we take almost daily.
So what did we do? We prayed and asked our Heavenly Father what to do, and we both felt okay to just get off our bikes and slowly walk through the path. We both felt very strongly, though, that we should be extremely quiet. I didnt understand that either, but I felt a strong prompting to. So my companion and I got off our bikes and carried them toward the train tracks. When we got to the train tracks, I felt a deep sinking feeling like something was wrong. I immediately looked at my companion, and he was fine. I looked to the right and saw out of nowhere two men. I couldnt see their faces. It was so dark, I couldnt even tell if they were black and white. They were talking, almost to a whisper about something. I couldnt understand them, but I knew then that's why we were to be as quiet as we possibly could be. Those two men for some reason didnt hear us. I dont know why, but I felt like we were not to be seen or heard from them. I knew they were trouble. After we were far enough, we started running away towards civilization where the streets and the houses were. I know that we were being protected that night. I cannot tell you the reprocussions had we not listened to the promptings of the spirit, but I can tell you this: I am grateful to know that I am being watched over. Im grateful for the Holy Ghost, and how much God and His Son care about me. Im grateful for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost; for the opportunity I had to be baptised by someone worthy enough to do so. I am happy. Im grateful for you and for my family! I learned from this experience that I have to rely on the spirit, not in myself, and that even though sometimes logic and reason are powerful, true power comes from the Holy Ghost and listening and obeying his promptings.  I LOVE MY FAMILY" 

I know things like this happen all the time in the mission field. Some missionaries are fortunate enough to not just listen to the promptings of the spirit, but actually obey them. BIG difference. I'm so proud of my little brother, and so glad that he is safe. I'm so lucky to have his example in my life, and I feel more than blessed to have this wonderful gospel, in my life. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Friday LATE*


  • Going to classes all week and each time I walk in the room hearing my professors and classmates say "Oh wow, you're still here huh?"  or "No baby?" Thanks for the concern pressure guys.
  • Trying to start the car with my house keys. That's how much sleep I've been getting lately..
  • When the person in the stall next to you is going number 2 and making it known. Very awkward.
  • Doing yoga with my belly= not a pretty sight.
  • Ordering dessert from another restaurant, while still eating my dinner at a current one. I've become that person.
  • Totally ruining a show plot for Katie and Nick, because my big mouth can't help itself.
  • Attempting to shave my legs..
  • Explaining to my mom why she will most definitely not be in the delivery room with me..
  • My hubby putting my socks and boots on for me, because I have no balance, or coordination.
  • Getting to eat sushi last night. YUM.
  • Christmas is in less than 45 days.
  • Tyler hearing back from some med- school and getting some interviews. That hubby of mine is a genius. Cross your fingers he'll have his top choices to pick from.
  • Condensed milk.. If my baby ends up weighing 9 lbs I'll know what to blame it on.
  • The gorgeous scarf we made this week during craft night. (more on that soon)...
  • Water. I can't get enough.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sunday was day lights saving and although we had one WHOLE extra hour in the day, I still feel like I could have used a few more. It's strange but the clock plays such a ginormous impact in our lives. We often hear that saying "So much to do, so little time"
Most of us have a system. Alarms go off at a specif time, work starts at a certain hour, dinner needs to be on the table at another. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I manage my time, especially now that we're bringing a little one into the house. Do I do enough during the day? Is there too much procrastination on my part? How could I manage more in a smaller time frame?
I guess I've been thinking this because of  a conversation I had yesterday with Tyler. My hair is natually curly and it takes me anywhere between 35 minutes- 45 minutes to blow dry my hair. It's something I not only need to do but have to in order to control the frizz. I calculated how much time I spend a year doing that small thing, and thought holy cow I could be doing so much more with those precious minutes. I know it sounds ridiculous but this has honestly been troubling me.
At any given moment, I'm going to welcome a little girl into this crazybusy world. I know that Time doesn't stop for anyone, (one of my mother's favorite sayings), that's why we have to appreciate every minute we're given. Good or bad. It's a minute that we can never take back. So what do you do to make sure you're ahead of the clock, and not always dragging behind? Any thoughts or opinions on this ? Do you guys struggle with time management? And what do you do to work through it?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby's room & rocking chair revealed!!!

My mom is the type of person who always has a billion people over her house, or is always bringing leftovers to her neighbors. On one occasion where she was dropping off a meal to a friend from her old ward, this friend asked her if she knew anyone who needed a rocking chair. She immediately text me waiting to give a response. I had actually been dreaming over this rocking chair/ glider from Walmart. Tyler and I had been fortunate enough to get a crib for free, courtesy of my brother in law, so we figured the rocking chair would be our contribution to baby's room. BUT.. of course we went back and forth with the decision, because although the glider was absolutely gorgeous, the other one was free. We, I eventually gave in and said yes to bringing this bad boy home.
It has definitely seen it's days, and could use a little spruce me up. So I took it upon my self to work on this project!! At first I was a little intimidated. I mean the most sewing I did was with Katie, working on bags, and scarves. I was worried I was going to make the chair uglier, and maybe even ruin it. Luckily, I have an amazing visiting teacher who told me I could handle it and let me borrow her staple gun (for the foot rest). I've been working on the chair here and there trying to make it "just right".
Here it is....

Tyler trying it out! 

I'm so proud of how it turned out, and this way I can tell baby Mia that it was specially made for her.
                    The crib sheet I made thanks to this tutorial
 The pillow cube I made out of scrap fabric from the other projects. It didn't turn out too bad!
Little birdie
This doll was given from a darling friend from Boston.

The changing pad cover was made courtesy of this E's tutorial... The "M" frame was made by my sweet friend Megan for Mia's hair clips. Isn't it sweet?!

I found this cute blog, that had canvas' made of owls and birds, and since that was the theme in baby's room, I knew I had to have one done. 
I also found this owl from 2&thru and have been meaning to do some for the book shelf, that I'm hoping to put into the nursery. 

We are ready to welcome little miss Mia into our home. Our bags are packed, her room is done, all of her clothes, and blankies have been washed and put away. I can't wait to finally hold her and admire who see looks like. Will she have her daddy's eye's? Will she have chubby cheeks like her momma? What will her cries sound like? I can't wait to breathe it all in. We love our little munckin'  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tyler and I had our hopes up about this morning's checkup. Since they've become weekly we both have our fingers crossed as to what news the Doctor will give us. Will she be on time? Late? Are we healthy? Have I gained too much weight? It's such a treat that we get to hear her little heartbeat each week, and we really look forward to going into the office. At first we were a little apprehensive as to how they worked. Like we don't have one set doctor, instead they rotate us between 8 Doctors since we don't know which of them will be on call the day of the delivery. I didn't have a problem with that until today. Our appointment was at 8:45, and while we drove we talked about our plans and how surreal this has all become. Pretty soon we'll be bringing our bundle of joy home, and become parents!! We knew we wanted the Doctor to check my cervix to see if there was any improvement from last week. (Remember I was 1cm and 50% effaced)?.. There's a part of me that is hoping she'll be early, but we really just want to have a better idea of when to expect her. Tyler has some interviews for med-school lined up and we're just depending on when baby wants to make her appearance.

Anyways... Shortly after they signed us in, they called me back and did the same old routine, pee in a cup,  check my weight, and blood pressure. Then the Dr. comes in. We had never met today's Doctor, and I sure wish I never had to. She glanced over my chart and told me I was good, and then told me to lay back and checked my belly with her measuring tape. Then she let us hear the baby's heart beat, which is the cutest (138). She asked if we had participated in any birthing classes and when we said no, she seemed a little irritated kind of second guessing our ability to be parents if we didn't take the class. WHICH let me point out, is optional not mandatory. I also don't need to explain to anyone why or why not Tyler and I choose to do things. She then asked if I had any questions. Like I mentioned, I wanted to get checked and when I told her she said "We don't usually check until you're in your 39th week"  My thoughts were Uhmm I'm 38 weeks, and a few days, really? You're not gonna check, even though they checked me last week? I told her I really wanted to see if there was any changes and in a condescending voice she just said "I doubt it, there's no need to rush things". I could feel my blood start to boil at this point. Then Tyler asked for some guidance as to when it would be safe to schedule his med-school interviews. When she heard he was applying for med school, she said "Oh I wouldn't do that, these day's its not worth being a Doctor, you end up with more debt and most of the people who go into med-school don't even make it to their residency." Omygosh lady, seriously? I could feel my blood pressure and stress level raising. I was fuming. She then proceeded to tell us that her daughter wanted to be a plastic surgeon but she was like "Really? it's 4 years of school, 4 years of medical school, 2 years of residency, and 2 years of possibly traveling for your job. You should just become an engineer-er, it'll be easier".  All I kept thinking was what a great role model you are, telling your kids they can't achieve their dreams instead of encouraging and motivating them to be the best they can be.. 

 I hated this Doctor and definitely cursed at her. In less than 10 minutes she had denied me to be checked, (even though I'm pretty certain they have to if you ask.), had judged our parenting skills over a class, and had shot Tyler's dreams for a future. I came home crying, feeling defeated. I refuse to have that lady deliver my baby. I would rather have a midwife do it, have the baby in the car, then have her negativity be around us. Our drive home was not at all how we thought it would go.

I'm not sure why there are some nasty people in this world, but what upset me even more was how much I let her bug me. I mean she ruined my morning, but I need to have a better attitude. I can't let this bring me down. I've been so sensitive lately, I just want my little girl here and be done with all of this.

Hopefully next week will be better. :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

38 weeks

38 weeks n' counting..
Mommy +25 pounds (Mrs. Chub)
Baby + 6.5 pounds. (Ms. lets-kick-mom-as-much-as-possible)
  Supposedly baby is the size of a watermelon roughly 19-22 inches.
We have another checkup visit tomorrow, so I'm hoping the Doc will give us some good news as when to expect her here. Last time I went I was 1cm and 50% effaced. 
My fingers are crossed to be at least 2cm and  75% effaced. 
I know wishful thinking on my part.. 
I'm just so anxious!
I've been eating grapes like it's my job, and goodness I love me some pineapples. 
I do however have a confession... 
I most definitely stuffed my face with these last week.

In Boston, there's a Dunkin Donuts on what seems like every corner. No joke.
You know how they say America runs on Dunkin?.. 
Well Virginia, sure doesn't agree.
The closest one is 45 minutes away, & about 4 minutes from the hospital where i'll be delivering.. 
We have it all figured out :)
My favorite of favorites is the strawberry frosted with sprinkles, but like I said VA is not like Boston.
The Boston one's are so much more flavorful.
  And they put more frosting, and have sprinkles on top!
I got 3 for myself, and 3 of the hubby's favorite.
I gotta admit, I felt really guilty after eating 2 before we made it home.
And I totally checked how many calories are in each..

280 calories PER donut. 
Ridiculous, but oh so good.

Now I get to stuff my face with halloween candy! I wish I could go trick or treating. 
Wouldn't it be a cool story?!
Ps: My rocking chair is almost done..

Monday, October 24, 2011

Exercise & predictions

"Chessie Trail"
 Saturday morning I went to a kickboxing class.
I've been feeling really guilty having a gym membership and not putting it to good use.
I need to get in shape quick.
Halfway through the class I had to sit down though. I don't know if it was the loud music or just seeing everyone else's reflection in the mirror, but I started getting a little light-headed.
I sat on a bouncy ball and just lifted weights while watching the rest go on without me. 
I had to do something!! 
Sunday after church, the hubby and I went on 3 mile walk. 
A friend told me that she walked with her husband at the very end and her baby boy was born a couple of weeks early.
We're kind of hoping for the same results....
I know that's probably not the best way to go, but we both just want our little girl here.
She's a stubborn little one and is being really picky with her "birthdays" already.
Ironically the trail we walked, was the same that Katie and I usually ran before the pregnancy, and the one that I attempted to run with Tyler the day we found out I was pregnant.
We have a checkup appointment tomorrow (they've become weekly now), so I'm hoping the Dr. will give us some good news or at least an estimation on when to expect her.
(Other than the actual due date).. 
I think between November 11-13 {1 week early}
Tyler thinks between November 23-25th {1 week late}
Do you guys have any guesses/ predictions for when she's coming?!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Friday

We got our maternity pictures back!!
Can I just say how great of a photographer Brinn is? She's a genius.
Here's some more of the beauty she captured last weekend of our little family.

I love how they turned out.
We already have a newborn shoot scheduled when baby arrives.
I'm not feeling so good today, so I'll try to blog about the rest of the awesome/awkward-ness tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random picture for random facts..

{(Random oldie) from back in 08'}

Today's post is 5 random facts about me:
1. I have a strange way of eating Twix and Milky Way. I always eat the bottom cookie part of the twix first and leave the caramel for last. Same with the milky-way. I eat the bottom chocolately part, then the sides, and leave the caramel for last. It seriously drives Tyler crazy because by the time I get to the "best part" there's melted chocolate all over my fingers and face. Gotta savor the caramel to the max. LOVE IT!
2. I sweep my house anywhere between 2-3 times a day. Honest to goodness. It seems like a lot, but I feel like every time we step out or open the door for anything there's stuff on the ground.
3. My nails have to be painted the same color as my toes. And man do I hate it when they chip, because then I just sit there picking at them  making the situation a whole lot worse.
 4. I don't remember the last time my hair was it's natural color. Sad.
5. I would rather pluck nose hairs than do math homework sometimes. None of which is happening right now.

how about you guys? Any random facts you'd like to share?

ps: I am making our blog private this weekend. So leave me a comment with your email for an invite if you want to continue reading the blog. I think followers will still be allowed to find us. We know none of you are creepers, but we just want to protect the privacy of our home especially when baby comes. Plus the goods need to be saved for family and friends only. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby shower

On Saturday, this lovely lady threw me a baby-shower.
I only have a few pictures to show for it right now, (Thanks Angela)..
  there was tons of food, games, and the decorations were super cute.
I am so lucky to have these gorgeous ladies as friends.
Katie B. & I
Rach & I
It's always fun just getting the girls together and sharing some laughs.
I'm so glad I have them around to share this happy occasion of our lives with.
Plus, I'll have tons of extra hands to help me when Ms. Mia comes.
We're all very anxious to meet the little pumpkin'.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maternity Photoshoot

Yesterday was awesome and awkward Friday and I missed it.
Here's why.....

We had our maternity photoshoot yesterday! 
Brinn did such an amazing job!
It was so cold, and super windy and she made it all work.
I love the pictures and can't wait to see the whole shoot.
Go get a sneak peak at her site and tell me what you think!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday

- My math professor saying "There's only one student in this class who has the excuse to be absent, and that's only because she's still growing" GEEZ, thanks.. I feel so priviledged.
-My ditsy pregnant mind. I don't know how some women function like this.
-Accidentally dropping things on the floor. Attempting to bend over and get it myself is obviously not happening right now, resulting in my friend in anatomy class having to pick up my pen of the floor. TWICE this week. "Oh Debbie hold on to your pens tighter" is probably what she's thinking when she sees me.
 -The wipe clutch that I tried making baby. Epic fail. (The pictures are little for a reason)
-Excusing my self every class to go pee. Bladder control yourself.
-Already eating most of the Halloween candy we bought for the trick or treaters. I told hubby maybe we shouldn't get it so early. Next time he'll listen... :)

-The beautiful fabric bundle I bought for $5!! Woo' go hubby and his amazing eyes for scanning through the clearance section with me.
-Mom's 2 mom's last night. Holy cow I haven't laughed that much in a while. I love getting together with those ladies. They're for sure awesome.
-Pineapples. Can't get enough of them.
-This scarf that I made with Katie last night from the cheap fabric I bought! Now we'll have to come up with more projects to use it for. ( I'm in love with the turquoise color)
-The hypnosis birth reading I'm gonna try to master by the time baby comes.. Thanks Mackenzie!
-The chocolate party I'm attending tonight.
-The crafts I will finally show off tomorrow.
- Either baby and I share a love for Ms. Leona Lewis or her kicking me is to tell me "mom, please stop singing".. I'll never know for sure.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Along came a spider..

We had such a good/ relaxing weekend.
We were able to watch General Conference from home, and have my mom over for lunch. 
My favorite two talks were brother Anderson's talk this one,
and Sister Dalton's this one
I especially love that there is always a little piece of conference that seems to speak to each one of us individually.
Although the weekend was great, the week has already started out hectic.
School is kicki' my butt right now.
We had an anatomy test today on the 206 bones. 
Their function, and what it articulates with, the joint and so much more information.
My brain is tired.
I have been working on a couple of crafts here and there and plan on showing them off soon.
But as for now, I'm trying to get the house Halloween-ish.
I found this cute printable, from the House of Smiths.
She used a black frame which made it pop even more, but I used what I had on hand.

There's a bunch of other little crafts I want to work on..
I just need it to be the weekend again. :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Friday

-That picture. (But I wanted to show off my new scarf)
-The Doctor we had this week for baby's checkup appointment.
"So what are your birth control options?"
"Have you looked into the copper Nuva ring?"
Clearly he thinks we shouldn't have a second baby any time soon.. Thanks Doc.
-Trying to pick up anything off the ground is a challange. My bump has made it clear who's boss.
-Having chocolate on my face and Katie not telling me. She thought maybe I grew a mole.. NICE!
-Explaining to lawn-mower man for the billionth time that we do not need his services at this time. Then have him knock at 8am and ask again "Can I mow your lawn" NO. NO. NO.
-The dream I keep having that we're expecting a baby boy instead of a baby girl. I sure hope not or else he's gonna be one grumpy kid in pink onesies. I think a second ultrasound is a must.


- My hubby is officially 26!
-Mom's 2 mom's. I love Thursday nights with those amazing women. They've been so good at explaining things to me and sharing insights. Look at me all grown up and in the mom club!
-How quickly this week went by. It's October already, pretty soon it'll be Christmas. AH.
-We have Conference this weekend. I look forward to it all year, I love the messages that are shared and being able to watch it in the comfort of our own home is definitely a (+)
-The scarf Katie & I made. (The one on the picture)! I'm in love.
-Getting a hair cut. split ends, you are not welcome here.
-Pumpkin bread delivered by my visiting teacher. Yumm..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is this sweet guy's birthday.

What a cutie-pie. 
We went to bed pretty late last night, catching up on some Grey's Anatomy with Katie & Nick. 
The boys aren't too fond of our show selections, but they deal with it.
At the stroke of midnight my guy got some smoochin'!! 
I tease him all the time about being so old. 
He's a little sad that his 20's are more than half-way over. 
I have to remind him that not that many 26 year olds know what they want in life, or even have the ambition to pursue their dreams like Tyler does. He has a game plan which I love!
Plus. 26, married and expecting your first child. Not too shabby!
We had a doctors appointment for baby this morning at 8:15 so I was up at 6 making my darling some breakfast in bed. 
He claims he couldn't sleep after I got up, but his eyes told a different story when I came to deliver the waffles, and warm crescents I made. With his favorite: chocolate milk.
I asked him once what his favorite birthday present was, and he says that mom once kept replenishing the chocolate milk in the fridge. So he never ran out. 
We were really tired at the appointment and I had convinced tyler to go shopping for some new clothes. (What he desperately needs).. 
This is what I kept getting instead 
Yawn after Yawn..
That'll teach me to not take him shopping so early. 
I made a cake yesterday and this cute little thing I spotted online.. 

I'm not going to share the 52 reasons, but I'll give you 26 
(Since that's how old my love turns today)
  1. You're my woobie
  2. You're laugh. It's contagious.
  3. The way you hug me
  4. We're meant to be
  5. How much fun we have when we're together
  6. The way you spell my sister's nickname "Xu" as "Shoe"
  7. When you bust out singing to Justin Timberlake
  8. The color of your eyes.
  9. How you win in every game. Even if it's the 1st time you play it
  10. Your smell (most of them)
  11. When you hold my hand
  12. How much you care for others
  13. You're a genius
  14. What you engraved on my wedding band
  15. The patience you have with me
  16. How easily you tan
  17. I still get butterflies with you
  18. How you sleep with a pillow over your face instead of under
  19. You're  determination
  20. How you cringe when I cut your toenails. (when you let me)
  21. Your dance moves
  22. We're sealed for E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y.
  23. You can never say no to lawn mower man
  24. Pillow talks with you are my favorite part of the day
  25. Our dollar dater
  26. My heart chose you.
I am so lucky to have you as a husband, and so appreciative of all you do for me and our little family.
I'm so glad I get to spend not only today but every day with you.
You make me so happy.
I want to grow old with you, and look back and tell funny stories of our memories together.
I love you with all my heart woobie.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday

There's a blog that I love to follow, and she has awkward and awesome Thursdays.I figure Fridays are were it's at, so I'm gonna go ahead and rub some off on here.
*Having your math professor write something on the board right over your desk then say out loud "Hope Ms. McCurdy can't smell my armpit" Have the whole class look over at me, and then him continue and ask "Well, can you?" SERIOUSLY? You want me to answer that? I rather go back to doing math,thank you.
*Knowing exactly when the mail lady is outside because her car makes a ruckus, peek through the window only to see her stare back.
* Having random people touch my stomach, or worse letting their hand just rest there as they try to make small talk.
* The girl in my study group who had a huge bag of kisses. She offers the professor some, then asks "Hey pregnant girl, you want some? I know pregnant people love chocolate." I accepted. Pregnant and NORMAL people do love some chocolate.
*How uncoordinated and off balance I've become. 
* It's Friday.
*The rainy weekend husband and I are going to enjoy by staying in, pigging out on some junk food, and watching tons of movies.
*Having Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family all premiering this week.
*Husband running to the store to buy me a cake and cream cheese frosting, after I saw this lady eat some delicious cake on a commercial. Don't judge. 
*That Katie and I are finally going to get our sewing done this weekend.
*My mom is my friend again. 
* That hocus pocus just came on Netflix. One of my all time favorite movie.
*My hubby's birthday is in 4 days!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bump at 32 weeks

Kickin' in at 32 and a half weeks
Mommy +20 pounds
Baby + 3.9 pounds
Baby is supposedly the size of a head of lettuce (roughly 19inches).
She's been really active and let's my ribs have it, especially at night.
Little Ms. night owl like her daddy.
I'm taking 12 credits this semester, and boy do I have the best waddle on campus!!
Aside from classes, I've been nesting BIG time.
I've already washed, folded, and organized baby's clothes into the dresser.
The room is painted, the crib is set.
We have our birth plan written out, and diaper bag packed.
I'm still working on my hospital bag.
I can't believe that in 7 short weeks my baby girl will be in my arms.
I'm anxious-nervous,giddy,scared,happy all in one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister in law time.

Tyler and I were lucky enough to have our sister in town for a week! 
It was so nice getting to have her here with us, and be able to spend time together.
Last time we had seen her was back here...
Back during Chirstmas. It's sad, but we don't get to see that side of the family as often as we hoped. Ashley,(the one sitting next to Tyler is the one that visited). That's not even all of the siblings. Just the big ones with Chad!!
Ashley is actually leaving in October to join the army. 
Which I have to say is a little scary, but very admiring!
We got to do a few fun things with her this week.
Like watching my school's soccer games, movies, and drive in, tons of food, and laughs.  
It's so cute to see Tyler with his siblings, it honestly breaks my heart that we're so far from them.
We had to put her to work though... and had her help Tyler paint baby's room.
It's currently "under construction", but pictures will be coming shortly..
I have a lot of sewing, and planning ahead of me.
Baby will be here in less than 8 weeks! Yikes!!
We had such a good time with Ashley, and we couldn't believe as we drove away that it had actually been a full week. Time goes by so quickly!! 

 We just love her, and wish her the best always. Hopefully we'll get to see her again soon, and that she'll get to come home for the holidays to meet Baby.