Monday, October 24, 2011

Exercise & predictions

"Chessie Trail"
 Saturday morning I went to a kickboxing class.
I've been feeling really guilty having a gym membership and not putting it to good use.
I need to get in shape quick.
Halfway through the class I had to sit down though. I don't know if it was the loud music or just seeing everyone else's reflection in the mirror, but I started getting a little light-headed.
I sat on a bouncy ball and just lifted weights while watching the rest go on without me. 
I had to do something!! 
Sunday after church, the hubby and I went on 3 mile walk. 
A friend told me that she walked with her husband at the very end and her baby boy was born a couple of weeks early.
We're kind of hoping for the same results....
I know that's probably not the best way to go, but we both just want our little girl here.
She's a stubborn little one and is being really picky with her "birthdays" already.
Ironically the trail we walked, was the same that Katie and I usually ran before the pregnancy, and the one that I attempted to run with Tyler the day we found out I was pregnant.
We have a checkup appointment tomorrow (they've become weekly now), so I'm hoping the Dr. will give us some good news or at least an estimation on when to expect her.
(Other than the actual due date).. 
I think between November 11-13 {1 week early}
Tyler thinks between November 23-25th {1 week late}
Do you guys have any guesses/ predictions for when she's coming?!


  1. I forgot what I guessed before but I am going with November 8th or Novemmber 14th