Book Club

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 During our last holiday vacation in Utah my sister in-law Anna was reading a book during the break for school. She told me it was sad and a true story, so while she went to work I read it. Then she'd come back and read it. It was so fun talking to her about it, and sharing the same book.  My father in law Chad loves to read, and he was reading a book by one of my favorite authors Jodi Picoult. The *Light bulb* in my head went off and pretty soon my mother in-law and I started our own little book club. We're technically the only members, but I LOVE getting to talk more often to her and getting to hear her opinions on the subjects at hand. I told my sister about it and of course we had to start one too. So I'm in two book clubs with two of the most important people in my life and gosh it's been fun reading with them!

It started off with Anna's school book It happened to Nancy , but so far we've read:
We got a bit tired of reading Jodi Picoult and since my semester was coming to a close I had to take a little break from reading and focus on finals. Then my sister got me to read:
Now that I'm not sick all the time because of the growing baby on the way, and it's summer time I have had more free time and started two new books. Water for elephants by Sara Gruen and The Peach Keeper by Sara Addison Allen. I want to try to maybe expand our tiny little book club and get to talking about our books on the blog. What do you guys think?! I would love to have us all reading a book together and sharing feedback, and book suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. Sometimes I'm stumped with all the books out there and not knowing where to even start my selection at the downtown library. Let me know what you guys think!!