Friday, September 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday

There's a blog that I love to follow, and she has awkward and awesome Thursdays.I figure Fridays are were it's at, so I'm gonna go ahead and rub some off on here.
*Having your math professor write something on the board right over your desk then say out loud "Hope Ms. McCurdy can't smell my armpit" Have the whole class look over at me, and then him continue and ask "Well, can you?" SERIOUSLY? You want me to answer that? I rather go back to doing math,thank you.
*Knowing exactly when the mail lady is outside because her car makes a ruckus, peek through the window only to see her stare back.
* Having random people touch my stomach, or worse letting their hand just rest there as they try to make small talk.
* The girl in my study group who had a huge bag of kisses. She offers the professor some, then asks "Hey pregnant girl, you want some? I know pregnant people love chocolate." I accepted. Pregnant and NORMAL people do love some chocolate.
*How uncoordinated and off balance I've become. 
* It's Friday.
*The rainy weekend husband and I are going to enjoy by staying in, pigging out on some junk food, and watching tons of movies.
*Having Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family all premiering this week.
*Husband running to the store to buy me a cake and cream cheese frosting, after I saw this lady eat some delicious cake on a commercial. Don't judge. 
*That Katie and I are finally going to get our sewing done this weekend.
*My mom is my friend again. 
* That hocus pocus just came on Netflix. One of my all time favorite movie.
*My hubby's birthday is in 4 days!!!

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