Monday, August 29, 2011


Irene came and went just like that. 
And even though the weather was crummy like that, we got to do things like this:
 I love sushi nights, and how pro Katie and I have become at making those bad boys'.
I'm definitely counting my blessings for not having any damages done to our house, family, or friends caused by miss Irene. 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that weren't so fortunate.
Hope you know we're thinking of you.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane season??

There's so much to catch up on! 
We went to Boston for 2 weeks and I have pictures and tons of stories to share.
I'll work on the happenings of this weekend then go backwards in time to the Boston trip then in real time.
Just as a catch up.
Ms. IRENE was technically suppose to do damage here in VA, but lucky us she didn't make a scene. 
We went food shopping and stocked up on food/water yesterday just-in-case.
I made split pea soup courtesy of this recipe
Made brownies. (Sorry no pictures, they were THAT GOOD!!)
and some puppy chow for my love.
My dad keeps checking in on us, and making sure we're all still okay and safe.
Boston has actually declared a state of emergency
They've canceled church services tomorrow, and most highways have been closed.
Maybe I should be the one calling my dad every other hour to check up on him huh??! 
I'm praying that the worse they'll get is just some rain and wind. Nothing too major that will hurt anyone. Fingers crossed!!
I've showered but have been determined to stay in my sweats all day. 
It's been a good day over here.. I wish Ms. Irene made an appearance with the exception of no damage.
It's been fun having a "lazy" day with my hunny-bunny.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bump at 25 weeks

25 weeks and still growing.
 Mommy. + 12 pounds
Baby Mia + 1.8 lbs 
No fair baby! As of right now I feel like a little elephant, and baby is roughly an eggplant size. An eggplant that loves to kick and swim. Tyler can finally feel little kicks and punches. It's cute because whenever he starts talking she goes crazy. Then he puts his hand on my belly and she stops.
She already knows she's cute and likes playing games with daddy.
I can't wait to meet my little princess and bite her little feet.
We'll be starting a count down soon.
Hopefully she'll come on time and not days/ weeks late.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

sewing sewing and more sewing..

 Remember this post about how I couldn't figure out the video on these darn knitted bracelets? TA-DA!!! I told you I hate hate, unfinished projects.  My camera is blurry, but I promise it turned out just as good as the ladies. I plan on wearing it soon.
Next. These fabric necklaces that Katie and I started months ago. The tutorial for it is found here. I have two flowers on mine, but I took the picture a little bit earlier to show off my progress. I'm in love with it and plan on making a black one, and maybe a few others.
My little guy.
I can't tell you how many times I've pricked my fingers while pinning down fabric, so when I saw him on Prudent Baby, tutorial I knew I had to have one. My friend Holli also made one check her's out here. Aren't they just the cutest? And extremely helpful.

And last but not least. OUR BEACH BAG!! 
I cannot even express how much I love my bag. This was our first attempt at making something this big and although it took us a few hours, it was so worth it!! Katie came over one night and we sat down and got to work. Cutting, pressing, hemming, folding = Happy girls.
                           Tyler was in charge of taking a few pictures..
 See us busy at work? I love craft nights with this girl, I think we laugh more than we actually work.
I plan on making our office space into our crafting space. As of right now we've been working in the kitchen or living room so we can stay close to our boys. They get a kick out of our crafts, and have to chip in their opinions here and there. 

Meet mr. beach bag. I'm in love.
We also put a pocket on there and a cute little button.
We are definitely planning on making a new bag soon, so be on the look out for the next one.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A week of crafts

We have been so busy around here with the two little nieces.
It's definitely given us an insight on how tough parenting can be. Luckily baby won't be born 9 or 11 years old meaning we'll have plenty of time to figure her out. The kids have worked on several projects that I had bookmarked for them, while I worked on my own little bookmarked projects. (More on that soon).
Here are a few of the projects we worked on:

Fishy luminary which was incredibly easy to make. Cami from You Seriously made that? shows you a great tutorial on how to do it. Click HERE to get the full directions.
 The kids had a so much fun painting their fishies, and having their little "night light". Don't worry I blow out the candle after we're done reading scriptures every night as to not start a fire.
We also made slime. It was a bit of a challenge just because it was sooo sticky/ slimy at first, but they haven't stopped playing with it since it was complete. Julie keeps hers right by her bed and I often catch her playing with it after bed time. Wanna try your own? Head over to Ourbestbites, and check out the slime tutorial here.

We also made these cute little puppies out of toilet paper rolls. I've been saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls for this project and another one for a while. Now we finally put some to good use! Click here for the tutorial. I like this blog because it's easy for kids to do and the tutorials are pretty self explanatory.
These were just their creativity, we got em' at AcMoore (love that place).. and the kids went with their imaginations. 

 These were our favorites. SUPER easy. I found the tutorial on Make it and love it and absolutely had to try it. This one is one of the 10 we ended up making that day. It was so much fun seeing what designs could be made.. The prettiest ones are always those we make by accident.

It was fun having the kids around for a part of the summer. I'm so excited for the days when I get to craft with my little girl and teach her how to color inside the lines, and use her creativity.