Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is this sweet guy's birthday.

What a cutie-pie. 
We went to bed pretty late last night, catching up on some Grey's Anatomy with Katie & Nick. 
The boys aren't too fond of our show selections, but they deal with it.
At the stroke of midnight my guy got some smoochin'!! 
I tease him all the time about being so old. 
He's a little sad that his 20's are more than half-way over. 
I have to remind him that not that many 26 year olds know what they want in life, or even have the ambition to pursue their dreams like Tyler does. He has a game plan which I love!
Plus. 26, married and expecting your first child. Not too shabby!
We had a doctors appointment for baby this morning at 8:15 so I was up at 6 making my darling some breakfast in bed. 
He claims he couldn't sleep after I got up, but his eyes told a different story when I came to deliver the waffles, and warm crescents I made. With his favorite: chocolate milk.
I asked him once what his favorite birthday present was, and he says that mom once kept replenishing the chocolate milk in the fridge. So he never ran out. 
We were really tired at the appointment and I had convinced tyler to go shopping for some new clothes. (What he desperately needs).. 
This is what I kept getting instead 
Yawn after Yawn..
That'll teach me to not take him shopping so early. 
I made a cake yesterday and this cute little thing I spotted online.. 

I'm not going to share the 52 reasons, but I'll give you 26 
(Since that's how old my love turns today)
  1. You're my woobie
  2. You're laugh. It's contagious.
  3. The way you hug me
  4. We're meant to be
  5. How much fun we have when we're together
  6. The way you spell my sister's nickname "Xu" as "Shoe"
  7. When you bust out singing to Justin Timberlake
  8. The color of your eyes.
  9. How you win in every game. Even if it's the 1st time you play it
  10. Your smell (most of them)
  11. When you hold my hand
  12. How much you care for others
  13. You're a genius
  14. What you engraved on my wedding band
  15. The patience you have with me
  16. How easily you tan
  17. I still get butterflies with you
  18. How you sleep with a pillow over your face instead of under
  19. You're  determination
  20. How you cringe when I cut your toenails. (when you let me)
  21. Your dance moves
  22. We're sealed for E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y.
  23. You can never say no to lawn mower man
  24. Pillow talks with you are my favorite part of the day
  25. Our dollar dater
  26. My heart chose you.
I am so lucky to have you as a husband, and so appreciative of all you do for me and our little family.
I'm so glad I get to spend not only today but every day with you.
You make me so happy.
I want to grow old with you, and look back and tell funny stories of our memories together.
I love you with all my heart woobie.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to you hubby on his birthday! I probably couldn't get away with being mushy as his mom and he as a grown up now. I love that he remembers one of his favorite gifts as the year with chocolate milk ever present in the fridge whenever he wanted it! That was a fun thing. O! I want to know how you made that cute scarf!