Friday, October 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday

- My math professor saying "There's only one student in this class who has the excuse to be absent, and that's only because she's still growing" GEEZ, thanks.. I feel so priviledged.
-My ditsy pregnant mind. I don't know how some women function like this.
-Accidentally dropping things on the floor. Attempting to bend over and get it myself is obviously not happening right now, resulting in my friend in anatomy class having to pick up my pen of the floor. TWICE this week. "Oh Debbie hold on to your pens tighter" is probably what she's thinking when she sees me.
 -The wipe clutch that I tried making baby. Epic fail. (The pictures are little for a reason)
-Excusing my self every class to go pee. Bladder control yourself.
-Already eating most of the Halloween candy we bought for the trick or treaters. I told hubby maybe we shouldn't get it so early. Next time he'll listen... :)

-The beautiful fabric bundle I bought for $5!! Woo' go hubby and his amazing eyes for scanning through the clearance section with me.
-Mom's 2 mom's last night. Holy cow I haven't laughed that much in a while. I love getting together with those ladies. They're for sure awesome.
-Pineapples. Can't get enough of them.
-This scarf that I made with Katie last night from the cheap fabric I bought! Now we'll have to come up with more projects to use it for. ( I'm in love with the turquoise color)
-The hypnosis birth reading I'm gonna try to master by the time baby comes.. Thanks Mackenzie!
-The chocolate party I'm attending tonight.
-The crafts I will finally show off tomorrow.
- Either baby and I share a love for Ms. Leona Lewis or her kicking me is to tell me "mom, please stop singing".. I'll never know for sure.

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  1. Oh, you are adorable! I wish I could give you a squeeze....Love you so much!