Monday, November 14, 2011

Missionary work

I love Mondays, when I get to email and hear from my little brother. He is currently serving a Spanish speaking mission in Las Vegas and has only a remaining 5 months to come home! I'm so proud of my brother, and his example. Before Tyler and I started dating I had plans to put in my mission papers on my 21st birthday... Obviously things changed and we got married instead. I wouldn't change my decision one bit, but we both look forward until the day were we'll serve as elderly couple.So my brother being out in the mission field is really special to me, because I kind of feel like I get to live through the experiences of him being out there serving as my own. So far he has baptized 20 members, and has sealed 3 families in the temple. I pray for his well being, and safety every night and asked him if I could share this latest experience he had with you guys..

"Anyways, let me tell you about an experience I had with my last companion Elder Sorenson a few weeks ago. We were riding back home and we (for some reason) didn't have with us either one of our bike lights. We were kind of late getting home. It was about 9:30 at night. We were going through our typical route cutting through the bike trail, which goes around the back of all the housing complexes and stuff, and its kind of closer to the desert where there's not really anything there. When we got close to where the train tracks were, we both just stopped riding our bikes. We sat there in a weird confusion as to why we has stopped biking. It was dark, so dark that I could barely see my companion standing right next to me. We both had a strong impression that we should stop. It was strange. I said to Elder Sorenson "Did you feel that?", and he said back "That we should stop? Yeah. I dont know why though." I didnt know why either, because we take this same route every day back home. So I tell him "Well, whatever, let's just go." to which he replied "No, we shouldnt. That was probably the spirit telling us to stop".
Logic and reason told me that A. we were super late getting home, and we needed to take this short cut or we were going to get in a mess of trouble. If we go around the other way, we would get home in an hour. B. I didnt see anything that could harm or prevent us from completing our path that we take almost daily.
So what did we do? We prayed and asked our Heavenly Father what to do, and we both felt okay to just get off our bikes and slowly walk through the path. We both felt very strongly, though, that we should be extremely quiet. I didnt understand that either, but I felt a strong prompting to. So my companion and I got off our bikes and carried them toward the train tracks. When we got to the train tracks, I felt a deep sinking feeling like something was wrong. I immediately looked at my companion, and he was fine. I looked to the right and saw out of nowhere two men. I couldnt see their faces. It was so dark, I couldnt even tell if they were black and white. They were talking, almost to a whisper about something. I couldnt understand them, but I knew then that's why we were to be as quiet as we possibly could be. Those two men for some reason didnt hear us. I dont know why, but I felt like we were not to be seen or heard from them. I knew they were trouble. After we were far enough, we started running away towards civilization where the streets and the houses were. I know that we were being protected that night. I cannot tell you the reprocussions had we not listened to the promptings of the spirit, but I can tell you this: I am grateful to know that I am being watched over. Im grateful for the Holy Ghost, and how much God and His Son care about me. Im grateful for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost; for the opportunity I had to be baptised by someone worthy enough to do so. I am happy. Im grateful for you and for my family! I learned from this experience that I have to rely on the spirit, not in myself, and that even though sometimes logic and reason are powerful, true power comes from the Holy Ghost and listening and obeying his promptings.  I LOVE MY FAMILY" 

I know things like this happen all the time in the mission field. Some missionaries are fortunate enough to not just listen to the promptings of the spirit, but actually obey them. BIG difference. I'm so proud of my little brother, and so glad that he is safe. I'm so lucky to have his example in my life, and I feel more than blessed to have this wonderful gospel, in my life. :)


  1. Hi love I want to write to your brother!!!
    Send me his email please!!!


  2. I second that ^^^ I've written him so many letters I haven't mailed it's really embarrassing. What's his address?