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Mia's Birth story part 2

Mia's Birth Story Part 2..

    The rest of the day was pretty casual and we just laid low. The house was already clean because I’d been nesting everyday for over a month, and your auntie Patricia was coming to visit the next day. I did some homework and at night we went to grab a Panini from Nana (my mom) at Jonzeys. When it was time for bed and prayers your dad and I started talking about our holiday plans to go to Colorado and Utah for your baby blessing. As we talked I thought “hmm I need to get up and brush my teeth“.  I was maneuvering my big fat self off the bed when I felt a weird pop sensation and thought dang it did I pee my pants?! MY WATER BROKE AT 12:15 am.  Daddy called the birthing center and the nurse told me to come right over!! I got up, all the while leaking some more and hopped in the shower while daddy put our bags in the car. I couldn’t stop smiling, and wasn’t at all nervous. It was raining really bad out, and I called Nana to let her know we were on our way to the hospital. She drove over and decided to come with us. We had been on this drive a thousand times and even though it was pouring out, we were actually calm. Dad and I held hands and every once in a while he would look over at me and tell me how much he loved me. There was no screaming or a need to step on the gas. We weren’t stressed we were just so excited to be on our way to meet you!
    We got to the hospital at 1:35am and since it was after hours, we had to go through the emergency room entrance. They got my information and sat me down on a wheel chair. I thought it was so silly because I could still walk. But it was kind of cool being wheeled around everyone looking at me thinking “oh it’s time!!” When we got up to the birthing center a nurse took my weight then my blood pressure and took us to our room. We were in room 362, and when our nurse Stephanie came in she said we got the “lucky” room and that it was the best room to be in. I told her my water broke and as she was checking me she told me to cough. I hesitated thinking what? Are you serious?. She said Debbie cough!! So I coughed and felt a little tingle. Once your water breaks it doesn’t automatically get rid of all the water, you still leak a little for a couple of hours and when she told me to cough, apparently it was to see if more would leak. I was still at a 2cm and 80% effaced. From all my reading I knew that once your water broke, the baby would have to be delivered anywhere between 12-24 hours, so I didn’t mind being at 2 this time.
    My contractions had started when we were driving to the hospital coming about 6minutes apart and they weren’t too bad pain wise. Stephanie hooked me up to a machine to measure my contractions and she put a belt over my stomach to hear your heart beat.. I liked Stephanie she was a nice nurse but I knew I shouldn’t get too attached because pretty soon her shift would be over. Her shift ended at 4am, and in came Julie. She was nice, but I liked Stephanie a little better. Your dad and I tried napping but every hour she would come in and check on us. At 4:30am Dr. Thompson who was on call came in and checked me. I was at 4cm and dilated to 90%. I was making some progress!! He was leaving at 8am so we worried that I would get stuck with that one rude doctor. Luckily it was doctor Bendfelt on call. At 8am him and Dr. Thompson came in and both just wished me luck and told me how good I was doing. Dr. Bendfelt came back around 9am and checked me to see if I had made any more progress. I was at 5cm and still 90% effaced. I asked him what time he predicted I would have you and he guessed that at 2pm I would start pushing and deliver you by 3. That seemed so far away!!!
    The next nurse I had was Diane and she was the best! I’m so glad we had her the longest amount of time. She was so sweet and whenever I felt any pain she was on it. She was so concerned about all three of us. She kept asking dad if he needed extra blankets, if he wanted anything to drink and I so appreciated that. Some people go in thinking the mom does it all, but gosh dad’s play a huge roll. I don’t think I would have been able to do it if your daddy wasn’t by my side. She started me on some pitocin to speed up my labor a little bit, and by that time my contractions were really hurting. Every time I felt one coming your dad would come hold my hand. They were getting really intense and I was trying my hardest to control them. I would hold his hand but try not to squeeze too hard as not to hurt him. I didn’t cry out loud like we see in movies, but I was really wanting that epidural. I asked Diane and she called the anesthesiologist. Unfortunately when you ask for an epidural and when you actually get it, is two completely different things. The anesthesiologist didn’t get there until 10:20am. When he finally came Diane had me sit sideways on the bed while I hunched over so he could do his job. Contractions were about 2 minutes apart and it took him a little bit to set up, and I was just anxious to get it over with. I didn’t feel any pain as the needle went in or anything, maybe because I was so focused on my breathing during contractions. Who knows?… About 20-30 minutes later Diane asked me how I was doing and I told her I thought my contractions faded again because I was feeling really good. She pulled out the papers and showed me how often and consistent my contractions had become. I LOVED the epidural!! I admire those mom’s who don’t get one, but man alive am I glad I got one. I was able to sleep after that, and actually be apart of the whole birthing experience instead of suffering through it.
     I slept for an hour and when it was 11:30am Diane checked me. I was 10cm and 100%!!!! OH HAPPY DAY! She called Dr. Bendfelt and had him come check me too. Not sure why the point of that is but he confirmed it 10cm and 100%! He told Diane to go ahead and set everything up and that I could start pushing while he went to go do his rounds. He stayed for the first push and decided that he would stick around instead. He knew with that push that delivery would be fast.
     I started pushing at 11:58am. It was not at all how I imagined it to be nor how the videos showed things. It felt so natural and it was so casual. In the room was only Dr. Bendfelt, the nurse Diane, & your daddy and I. In between pushes we talked and laughed, and Dr. Bendfelt even complimented my fre shly painted red nails! I knew when to push and I could feel each push and each contraction but not so much that I felt like dying.. One of the first things I asked people about delivery is if it’s true that you may accidentally have a bowel movement during it all. I was so worried I would poop on the table, and apologized in advance to them in case it happened. I did not. THANK HEAVENS!! Daddy was by my side the whole time coaching me and telling me how wonderful I was doing. He would kiss my forehead and hold my hand, and once in a while peak to give me updates. Dr. Bendfelt had me put on an oxygen mask just in case I needed it, but I hated that thing. It felt more like it was suffocating me then letting me breathe. It was just a precaution, but it was annoying trying to answer their questions or talk with that thing on.  When they said they could see your little head and that you had hair it gave me the strength I needed to push a little harder. I couldn’t wait to hold you!  I pushed for exactly 36 minutes.. You were born at 12:34pm!

And honey bear were you loud!!!! You cried for a while and they even joked that we could return any baby monitors we had purchased because you have quite the lungs!!! Daddy cut your cord and the nurse placed you immediately on my chest. You looked right at me as I held you close. I looked over at your dad and he was all smiles, and even had tears in his eyes. I shed a couple too as he hugged both of us and gently kissed me. Diane and Dr. Bendfelt were still doing their jobs (delivering the placenta and cleaning up), but at that moment it felt like nothing else mattered. It was just the three of us. Our little family.

  Another nurse came in to get you cleaned up and measured. She asked daddy to help her with it all. He held the clipboard and filled things out as she shouted the information over to him. She had me guess what I thought you weighed before she told us. I guessed 8.9 (I knew I had eaten too much junk food the last couple of weeks because of stress), daddy guessed 8.5, Doctor Bendfelt and Diane guessed 8.3 and 8.2. You were a whopping 8.6 lbs. (just as daddy had predicted)! You scored 9 on your Apgar’s test and you measured 20 ½ inches. You were are perfect. As the nurse and dad took care of business, I felt myself missing you. You seemed so far away and even though I could still see you I wanted you back in my arms!! The nurse brought you over so we could try nursing. You latched on for 5 minutes and wouldn’t have it. We tried the other side and you latched on for 4 minutes. I don’t know if you just weren’t hungry or if you were just that excited to be out! They finally allowed the family to come meet you, and in came Nana, auntie Patricia and your cousins Larissa & Julie. Daddy was holding you and he didn’t want to give you up. He was just gushing with love.

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  1. Oh Debbie this is so sweet! Thanks for sharing! She is a doll. I hated the oxygen mask too- it made me so claustrophobic!