Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister in law time.

Tyler and I were lucky enough to have our sister in town for a week! 
It was so nice getting to have her here with us, and be able to spend time together.
Last time we had seen her was back here...
Back during Chirstmas. It's sad, but we don't get to see that side of the family as often as we hoped. Ashley,(the one sitting next to Tyler is the one that visited). That's not even all of the siblings. Just the big ones with Chad!!
Ashley is actually leaving in October to join the army. 
Which I have to say is a little scary, but very admiring!
We got to do a few fun things with her this week.
Like watching my school's soccer games, movies, and drive in, tons of food, and laughs.  
It's so cute to see Tyler with his siblings, it honestly breaks my heart that we're so far from them.
We had to put her to work though... and had her help Tyler paint baby's room.
It's currently "under construction", but pictures will be coming shortly..
I have a lot of sewing, and planning ahead of me.
Baby will be here in less than 8 weeks! Yikes!!
We had such a good time with Ashley, and we couldn't believe as we drove away that it had actually been a full week. Time goes by so quickly!! 

 We just love her, and wish her the best always. Hopefully we'll get to see her again soon, and that she'll get to come home for the holidays to meet Baby.

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