Friday, September 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Friday

-That picture. (But I wanted to show off my new scarf)
-The Doctor we had this week for baby's checkup appointment.
"So what are your birth control options?"
"Have you looked into the copper Nuva ring?"
Clearly he thinks we shouldn't have a second baby any time soon.. Thanks Doc.
-Trying to pick up anything off the ground is a challange. My bump has made it clear who's boss.
-Having chocolate on my face and Katie not telling me. She thought maybe I grew a mole.. NICE!
-Explaining to lawn-mower man for the billionth time that we do not need his services at this time. Then have him knock at 8am and ask again "Can I mow your lawn" NO. NO. NO.
-The dream I keep having that we're expecting a baby boy instead of a baby girl. I sure hope not or else he's gonna be one grumpy kid in pink onesies. I think a second ultrasound is a must.


- My hubby is officially 26!
-Mom's 2 mom's. I love Thursday nights with those amazing women. They've been so good at explaining things to me and sharing insights. Look at me all grown up and in the mom club!
-How quickly this week went by. It's October already, pretty soon it'll be Christmas. AH.
-We have Conference this weekend. I look forward to it all year, I love the messages that are shared and being able to watch it in the comfort of our own home is definitely a (+)
-The scarf Katie & I made. (The one on the picture)! I'm in love.
-Getting a hair cut. split ends, you are not welcome here.
-Pumpkin bread delivered by my visiting teacher. Yumm..

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  1. I love the daybook! And I love that you're doing Awkward & Awesome Friday! So funny, love the birth control comment haha