Friday, September 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Friday

-That picture. (But I wanted to show off my new scarf)
-The Doctor we had this week for baby's checkup appointment.
"So what are your birth control options?"
"Have you looked into the copper Nuva ring?"
Clearly he thinks we shouldn't have a second baby any time soon.. Thanks Doc.
-Trying to pick up anything off the ground is a challange. My bump has made it clear who's boss.
-Having chocolate on my face and Katie not telling me. She thought maybe I grew a mole.. NICE!
-Explaining to lawn-mower man for the billionth time that we do not need his services at this time. Then have him knock at 8am and ask again "Can I mow your lawn" NO. NO. NO.
-The dream I keep having that we're expecting a baby boy instead of a baby girl. I sure hope not or else he's gonna be one grumpy kid in pink onesies. I think a second ultrasound is a must.


- My hubby is officially 26!
-Mom's 2 mom's. I love Thursday nights with those amazing women. They've been so good at explaining things to me and sharing insights. Look at me all grown up and in the mom club!
-How quickly this week went by. It's October already, pretty soon it'll be Christmas. AH.
-We have Conference this weekend. I look forward to it all year, I love the messages that are shared and being able to watch it in the comfort of our own home is definitely a (+)
-The scarf Katie & I made. (The one on the picture)! I'm in love.
-Getting a hair cut. split ends, you are not welcome here.
-Pumpkin bread delivered by my visiting teacher. Yumm..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is this sweet guy's birthday.

What a cutie-pie. 
We went to bed pretty late last night, catching up on some Grey's Anatomy with Katie & Nick. 
The boys aren't too fond of our show selections, but they deal with it.
At the stroke of midnight my guy got some smoochin'!! 
I tease him all the time about being so old. 
He's a little sad that his 20's are more than half-way over. 
I have to remind him that not that many 26 year olds know what they want in life, or even have the ambition to pursue their dreams like Tyler does. He has a game plan which I love!
Plus. 26, married and expecting your first child. Not too shabby!
We had a doctors appointment for baby this morning at 8:15 so I was up at 6 making my darling some breakfast in bed. 
He claims he couldn't sleep after I got up, but his eyes told a different story when I came to deliver the waffles, and warm crescents I made. With his favorite: chocolate milk.
I asked him once what his favorite birthday present was, and he says that mom once kept replenishing the chocolate milk in the fridge. So he never ran out. 
We were really tired at the appointment and I had convinced tyler to go shopping for some new clothes. (What he desperately needs).. 
This is what I kept getting instead 
Yawn after Yawn..
That'll teach me to not take him shopping so early. 
I made a cake yesterday and this cute little thing I spotted online.. 

I'm not going to share the 52 reasons, but I'll give you 26 
(Since that's how old my love turns today)
  1. You're my woobie
  2. You're laugh. It's contagious.
  3. The way you hug me
  4. We're meant to be
  5. How much fun we have when we're together
  6. The way you spell my sister's nickname "Xu" as "Shoe"
  7. When you bust out singing to Justin Timberlake
  8. The color of your eyes.
  9. How you win in every game. Even if it's the 1st time you play it
  10. Your smell (most of them)
  11. When you hold my hand
  12. How much you care for others
  13. You're a genius
  14. What you engraved on my wedding band
  15. The patience you have with me
  16. How easily you tan
  17. I still get butterflies with you
  18. How you sleep with a pillow over your face instead of under
  19. You're  determination
  20. How you cringe when I cut your toenails. (when you let me)
  21. Your dance moves
  22. We're sealed for E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y.
  23. You can never say no to lawn mower man
  24. Pillow talks with you are my favorite part of the day
  25. Our dollar dater
  26. My heart chose you.
I am so lucky to have you as a husband, and so appreciative of all you do for me and our little family.
I'm so glad I get to spend not only today but every day with you.
You make me so happy.
I want to grow old with you, and look back and tell funny stories of our memories together.
I love you with all my heart woobie.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday

There's a blog that I love to follow, and she has awkward and awesome Thursdays.I figure Fridays are were it's at, so I'm gonna go ahead and rub some off on here.
*Having your math professor write something on the board right over your desk then say out loud "Hope Ms. McCurdy can't smell my armpit" Have the whole class look over at me, and then him continue and ask "Well, can you?" SERIOUSLY? You want me to answer that? I rather go back to doing math,thank you.
*Knowing exactly when the mail lady is outside because her car makes a ruckus, peek through the window only to see her stare back.
* Having random people touch my stomach, or worse letting their hand just rest there as they try to make small talk.
* The girl in my study group who had a huge bag of kisses. She offers the professor some, then asks "Hey pregnant girl, you want some? I know pregnant people love chocolate." I accepted. Pregnant and NORMAL people do love some chocolate.
*How uncoordinated and off balance I've become. 
* It's Friday.
*The rainy weekend husband and I are going to enjoy by staying in, pigging out on some junk food, and watching tons of movies.
*Having Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family all premiering this week.
*Husband running to the store to buy me a cake and cream cheese frosting, after I saw this lady eat some delicious cake on a commercial. Don't judge. 
*That Katie and I are finally going to get our sewing done this weekend.
*My mom is my friend again. 
* That hocus pocus just came on Netflix. One of my all time favorite movie.
*My hubby's birthday is in 4 days!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bump at 32 weeks

Kickin' in at 32 and a half weeks
Mommy +20 pounds
Baby + 3.9 pounds
Baby is supposedly the size of a head of lettuce (roughly 19inches).
She's been really active and let's my ribs have it, especially at night.
Little Ms. night owl like her daddy.
I'm taking 12 credits this semester, and boy do I have the best waddle on campus!!
Aside from classes, I've been nesting BIG time.
I've already washed, folded, and organized baby's clothes into the dresser.
The room is painted, the crib is set.
We have our birth plan written out, and diaper bag packed.
I'm still working on my hospital bag.
I can't believe that in 7 short weeks my baby girl will be in my arms.
I'm anxious-nervous,giddy,scared,happy all in one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister in law time.

Tyler and I were lucky enough to have our sister in town for a week! 
It was so nice getting to have her here with us, and be able to spend time together.
Last time we had seen her was back here...
Back during Chirstmas. It's sad, but we don't get to see that side of the family as often as we hoped. Ashley,(the one sitting next to Tyler is the one that visited). That's not even all of the siblings. Just the big ones with Chad!!
Ashley is actually leaving in October to join the army. 
Which I have to say is a little scary, but very admiring!
We got to do a few fun things with her this week.
Like watching my school's soccer games, movies, and drive in, tons of food, and laughs.  
It's so cute to see Tyler with his siblings, it honestly breaks my heart that we're so far from them.
We had to put her to work though... and had her help Tyler paint baby's room.
It's currently "under construction", but pictures will be coming shortly..
I have a lot of sewing, and planning ahead of me.
Baby will be here in less than 8 weeks! Yikes!!
We had such a good time with Ashley, and we couldn't believe as we drove away that it had actually been a full week. Time goes by so quickly!! 

 We just love her, and wish her the best always. Hopefully we'll get to see her again soon, and that she'll get to come home for the holidays to meet Baby.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"My new Life"

love this website and the messages that are shared there.
Tyler and I usually watch some together, and most of the time he has to have a tissue ready for the tears I shed.
I can't help it.
I love the spirit that I feel from watching these amazing people, and having their example shine my way.
I recently came across this blog and it has sincerely touched my heart.
I want to share this video with everyone.
It is only 8 minutes long, but it's a whole 8 minutes of sweetness.
Don't you just love that? I cried and sniffled the whole time.
Not only do I admire, and love this woman but holy-moly do I respect her. 
How many times do we complain about the little things?
About how "life isn't working out the way we want it to?" 
That it's just too hard?
My intentions aren't to start getting all mushy on this blog, but I am incredibly grateful for this message.
Grateful for Stephanie's example, dedication, and inspiration.
After watching this video I want to challenge myself to be more grateful, to be more kind, to be more patient to those around me.
...My new life....
 is simply the goal to have a better outlook in life.
So what if things don't go as planned? 
I need to let go of the little things and see the big picture.
That not only will we be put through trials, but that we CAN get through them. 
I hope to be as strong, and courageous as the women in my church. 
I am blessed to have these powerful testimonies in my life. 
I just am.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boxy Bag, limited strands necklace

Crafty Tuesdays..
Since my friend Katie and I usually get together for craft nights on Mondays, I figure I could post them on Tuesday for you all to see. 
Katie ditched me this week for the beach, {can't blame her}
But the weather here has been so crummy and rainy..I hope she lucked out and gets sun!
Since I didn't get to post anything from last week here's what we worked on.

 Remember this necklace?
I got this tutorial from the same blogger Click HERE for tutorial.
It honestly took us forever to make it though, and here's why.
I AM AWFUL at reading directions.
Just "reading" it though. ;)
We made it a lot harder than we should have, and instead of just connecting each strand to the same jump ring we made 10 strands using 10 different jump and crimp beads.
At one point we were squinting, and there were glass beads flying everywhere in my kitchen floor.
BUT. We persevered. 
Here's my version of it:
I loved the turquoise color, and now that I know what I'm doing I might make one in every shade! 
I already have an orange in mind for fall.
Just a side note... (This necklace idea came from anthropology and it cost a fortune.
Lucky for us ours only took some hard work and about $9 bucks. 
& ps: My lovely grandma sent me that necklace from Brazil, but my middle name really has 2 L's.

I've been dying to make this makeup bag. 
The fabric she used is to die for, but since Joann's is an hour away and Tyler absolutely Loves, going there.. Our fabric selections are limited.
Here's my version:
I definitely plan on taking this baby to the hospital filled up with all of my essentials.
We made it 14X12 but its' humongous.
I even set it next to my current makeup bag so you can get an idea.
I plan on making a (manly one of course) for Tyler to carry diapers and wipes so that he won't have to seen with a pink polka-dotted diaper bag for baby.
Well that's it for now. 
I have some new things planned for this week, but I must admit I miss my craft buddy!
Katie G. if you're reading this come back soon ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Provident living

After our trip to Boston, Tyler and I finally sat down and analyzed our budget.
Can I just say "Oh-Boy".
It makes your heart sink when you put what's coming in and what's leaving on paper.
It's definitely an eye opener.
I have been blessed with a sweet hubby who can put food on our table, who provides us with warm showers, AC and all our basic essentials.
Don't get me wrong, we are not rich by any means and struggle here and there.
But when we take a step back and look at others in third world countries and less fortunate it makes us that much grateful for what we've been given. 
Elder Robert D. Hales from the quorum of the twelve gave a talk on provident living found here
In it he states that provident living is "Joyfully living within our means, being content with what we have, avoiding excessive debt, and diligently saving and preparing for rainy-day emergencies.  When we live providently, we can provide for ourselves and our families and also follow the Savior's example to serve and bless others." 
Since our little one will be born in November, Tyler and I want to get better at our provident living and what better way to apply those principles than starting now?! 

Envelopes!! We wrote down our budget, and what we can afford for groceries, entertainment, bills, etc... 
Then we took out that amount we had established in CASH, and put it in an envelope. It is super easy to just swipe our debit card and not think about it, but when you see the envelope shinkring you get a little more protective of what you spend your dollars on. 
It was such a coincidence because two days ago I was reading a blog and the lady on there had made her own little envelopes. 
Tutorial from Just imagine heaven. To make these fabulous envelopes click here.
I am making mine today because I was using just the bank envelope and those are not at all cute! 
I encourage all those who have not read Elder Hales talk to do so, and to try out the envelope idea. It is not easy, but it is worth it.
A friend wrote it beautifully when she said "When we live the way we can afford, life is better. You might not have everything you want, but you'll have everything you need".

I am so grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and so grateful for the principles that are taught to me. Those same principles which I hope to one day teach my children.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall is here..

I can't believe summer is over. It goes by too fast. 
I didn't even get to go to the beach. 
But I sure got to enjoy my cute little nieces,
and the pool pass we got. 
I love fall. 
It's my favorite season because I get to enjoy:
*crafting some new wreaths
*apple picking!
*drinking home made apple cider 
(recipe courtesy of my step-mother in law)?
*knowing that Ms. Mia is almost here
*Back to school (hmm not sure how I feel about that one quite yet)
* the changing color of the leaves
*carving pumpkins
* having friends and family over
*the drive in
* chilly breezes

I love that in September two years ago.. under the oak tree on our school campus, my sweet husband asked me to be his girlfriend.
He was so nervous. His palms were sweating!
I have a picture of us under that tree but we both look awful so here's one of us around the same time in my mom's backyard.
Where he said I love you for the first time.
Man I love this guy. 
I love every second spent with him, and I love fall so much more because it's exactly when I fell for him.