Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boxy Bag, limited strands necklace

Crafty Tuesdays..
Since my friend Katie and I usually get together for craft nights on Mondays, I figure I could post them on Tuesday for you all to see. 
Katie ditched me this week for the beach, {can't blame her}
But the weather here has been so crummy and rainy..I hope she lucked out and gets sun!
Since I didn't get to post anything from last week here's what we worked on.

 Remember this necklace?
I got this tutorial from the same blogger Flamingotoes.com Click HERE for tutorial.
It honestly took us forever to make it though, and here's why.
I AM AWFUL at reading directions.
Just "reading" it though. ;)
We made it a lot harder than we should have, and instead of just connecting each strand to the same jump ring we made 10 strands using 10 different jump and crimp beads.
At one point we were squinting, and there were glass beads flying everywhere in my kitchen floor.
BUT. We persevered. 
Here's my version of it:
I loved the turquoise color, and now that I know what I'm doing I might make one in every shade! 
I already have an orange in mind for fall.
Just a side note... (This necklace idea came from anthropology and it cost a fortune.
Lucky for us ours only took some hard work and about $9 bucks. 
& ps: My lovely grandma sent me that necklace from Brazil, but my middle name really has 2 L's.

I've been dying to make this makeup bag. 
The fabric she used is to die for, but since Joann's is an hour away and Tyler absolutely Loves, going there.. Our fabric selections are limited.
Here's my version:
I definitely plan on taking this baby to the hospital filled up with all of my essentials.
We made it 14X12 but its' humongous.
I even set it next to my current makeup bag so you can get an idea.
I plan on making a (manly one of course) for Tyler to carry diapers and wipes so that he won't have to seen with a pink polka-dotted diaper bag for baby.
Well that's it for now. 
I have some new things planned for this week, but I must admit I miss my craft buddy!
Katie G. if you're reading this come back soon ;)

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I read your blog sometimes and it got me excited about crafts. Now its something I cant stop doing :)