Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend update

I have to get better at posting. It's been a long busy weekend. Tyler had his usual eye appointment check up and that didn't go so well. We wanted to hear better news, but the opposite happened. It's still going to be a long process before we can actually determine whether or not he'll ever get his vision back. It was a bummer.

Unfortunately I also got sick over the weekend. For all the nursing momma's out there, how in the world did you or do you deal with the pain of mastitis? It's the second time I get it, and darn I hate it. I cried a lot this weekend because of the ab-noxious pain that I felt. It stinks.
And I got a calling! I am once again the a teacher in relief society. I love being able to put thought into teaching a class, and love those ladies.  I learn so much when I teach, they're the ones who teach me. 

Mia decided to finally sleep straight through the night this weekend. I was in awe!! I just recently started getting her in a routine before bed, and apparently she loved it!! We give her a quick little bath every night now around 8-and 8:30. Then we nurse and read her a book, pray and off to bed. Tyler has the late night shift, so he's been appreciating this new development a little more than me. But I'm so proud of my baby girl for getting some much needed rest!
I also got to watch the Breaking Dawn movie. Have you guys seen it? Of course you have. Tyler got me the last movie from redbox for over a 100 mile radius. I made it watch it with me, and it was better this time than the last time I tried getting him to watch Twilight with me. He made fun of it the entire time... 
I've been uploading my # febphotoaday to my twitter and facebook. I'll do a recap of it all at the end of the month. 

Oh I'm going to be a guest blogger tomorrow over at my dear friend Mackenzie's blog. Be sure to check it out and leave us some love. 

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  1. Hey Debbie! i got mastitis for only a few days while i was in the hospital (i was there for a week) and the first few days of being home. all i did was keep piping hot rice packs on my breasts and massaged them for hours (eve though it hurts like crazy) and they went away after a few days. i just started doing it the day i got it so mine never got that bad though. i hope this helps at all!