Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dreaded day

For about a month now, I've been debating whether or not to expose Mia to being immunized. A lot of mom's that I spoke to,choose not to because of the risk and complications that some time fault from getting certain shots. Tyler and I talked about it for a long time, me going back and forth on what I thought was best. And him never changing his opinion. Although there are indeed parents who chose not to I completely respect their decision. It's hard to see your child go through such torture from getting those painful needle shots into their tiny little legs.I knew this day was coming. The dreaded 2 month immuzation requirement. I tried my best to prepare my heart for what was going to happen, and keep my baby as happy as possible. We took Mia in this morning for her appointment and I held her close until we heard our names being called.
"Mia McCurdy, we're ready for you dear"
......... Uhmmm, but we're not ready for you mr. needle.....
She had no idea what was coming. She was smiley at the nurse as I held her knees and hands just cooing away. Gosh. My heart broke. They say parents can discern their babies cries. It's true alright. My baby gave out the saddest little cry this morning. It still breaks my heart to think about it. As she cried I cried. As a mom you want to always tell yourself that you would protect your child from all forms of dangers. Bruises, skinned knees, paper cuts, heartbreaks, and bad friendships- you tell your self, I'll jump in front of a bus to save my child. How I wish I could have suffered her pain for her this morning. But what good would that do? How much more pain I would feel later in life if she caught something that those shots could have prevented? As the tears were strolling down both our cheeks, the nurse kept reassuring me "it's ok mama." "This is hurting you more than it's hurting her". "Are you ok mama? Can you handle this?"
"NO, I can't". And I handed her over to her daddy for round two.
The other fragile baby thigh. Gosh how I hated today. I hated not being able to take her pain away, I hated that all I could do was hold her hand. I hated wiping away all those sad little tears running down her chubby cheeks. But this is our job as parents. To make sure that once they fall from the bike and scrape their knees on the floor that we'll comfort them, and them motivate them to get back on it. We need to put on a brave face for our little ones and be their heroes- even when our heart is breaking inside for them. Today was a dreaded day. I don't even want to think about having to do this again for the fourth month check up..


 Here's the #febphotoaday. 'Sun', because we all need a little sunshine today ;)

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  1. That first one is tough, but they keep getting easier and easier. Promise :)

    X-Rays are a different story. I about killed me an X-Ray technician a few weeks ago.