Thursday, February 16, 2012

Like father like daughter

How sneaky is Tyler?... Trying to make Mia look even more like him than she already does. I think the only 'mommy features' she has right now is my nose and chin. Could that be all?! She has the whole book worm thing going on. Hopefully that's from me. I have not been able to put down
since I got it Monday night. It is sooo good. Tyler glances my way whenever I go "oh no" laugh out loud and even cry from certain chapters. I am addicted!!! Are you guys reading any good books? We need to form a good book club, even if we're not getting together every week. We could talk/blog about it. I love reading. Especially in days like today where it was raining. I made some white chicken chili, some more pretzel buttons, enjoyed my family and reading time. I love it. :)


  1. That's such a cute picture of Mia. I see you both in her... She's a good mix:). I looooved the Hunger Games series. So good. Makes you think! I'm actually excited to see the movie. Have you read The Help already? I just started it. I'm a little behind! Miss you guys!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is my fav picture of Mia ever!!!

  3. I looooooooove Hunger Games. And for once, the movie actually looks like it might live up to how great the books are!! CANNOT wait!!