Friday, February 17, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Friday


  • Having a professor tell me to be careful because the person sitting next to me kept eyeing my test. Com'on we're in college. Quit your sneaky cheating.
  • How many peanut butter M&M's I've eaten this past month. And I'm not even a peanut butter person.
  • Being on the phone for over 2 hours with ATT and apple, because there's a crack on my screen and apparently having warranty and insurance on your phone doesn't do you much good. What's the point then?! Gr.. I could cry thinking about it.
  • My little brother is coming to spend his February break in Virginia. So we'll get to see him a couple of days. And My other little (not so little), brother will be home from his 2 year mission in just 2 weeks!!!
  • Starting to plan our time in Boston to see family & friends.
  • Mia has been sleeping all night for the past 5 days! It started off with 7, then 8, 9, and now 12 hours of sleep!! My little baby not only cooperated with the whole sleep training concept, but she LOVED it.
  • The sweet goodie box we got from Meema. Thanks again mom. That was really sweet!
  • Running. I just recently started trying to train in order to be able to run a half marathon this summer.
  • Hunger games. I. am. complete. obsessed. 
  • Katie bringing Mia not one, but TWO boxes of diapers. She's heaven sent. 
  • Mia's coughs when she thinks she's laughing. It's cute.
  • Being married to my best friend, and seeing him be a dad. I love how fatherhood looks on him.
 Don't you agree?! Plus he loves that binky more than Mia does sometimes. ;)

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