Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow, No snow...

Yesterday I was suppose to drive to Charlottesville and pick up my little brother from the airport.
Only I didn't.
Because this happened:
Early this morning. (On my way to class 9:50am)

 It snowed about 5-6 inches last night.
 It was so bad, (for Virginia(n) terms) that I got scared to drive out so my mom went with her friend instead. Thank goodness for that friend. Of course it snows the one day we don't want it to, because a couple hours later this is happening:
Same day. (On my way home from the store 4:30pm)
I didn't even get a snow day. To appreciate it's whiteness. To take pictures of my little girl in her first big snowstorm! Maybe next time... I did take this picture of her once we got back from shopping...
Snowstorm or not, she's hands down my favorite cutie no matter what.

Have you guys been keeping up with the #febphotoaday? I'll be posting a full collage of the whole month soon.

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