Friday, February 3, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Friday

  • making three trips to CVS in one day.. gotta love a forgetful mind.
  • trying to teach my mom math homework. Mom 2 * 4 is not six. Mom if you have -8 and -7 you dont have 1. You owe eight and you owe someone else 7. How much do you owe total? She's cute.
  • Having the missionaries over for dinner this week and trying to explain what a contraction feels like. Why would you ask? Oh boy. Awkward long pause form my part. 
  • Eating way too many peanut butter m&m's this week. I might be sick. They are so good! And I don't even like peanut butter.
  •  getting cvs cash back because I shop there too much.
  • my baby brother is coming home from his mission in less than a month!! I cannot wait to see him!
  • actually finishing a craft last night with Katie. She actually finished mine because Mia started getting fussy.
  • My chemistry test got pushed back a week. Giving me more time to study and be better prepared for it. Woo go chemistry!
  • Soffie the giraffe. Mia LOVES her. 
  • Going to West Vorginia today for a biometrics and taking a lovely nap once we got home from that horrendous drive.
  • getting my hair dyed this weekend. finally


 We made that wreath last night. Our fabric was sheer and sparkly, so our flowers turned out a little different, but the idea is still there. We want to create a frame for it like she has hers on. Maybe Lowe's could help us out?!
Of course we had chocolate on the table. Can't have craft night without some chocolate.
And last but not least, my picture of the day!!
Love when these little hands meet. So cute! Most of the time they're gooey with slobber, but man alive these are the cutest little hands I've ever seen. :)

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