Monday, May 23, 2011

I've got a pocket full of sunshine..

Saturday was such a beautiful day in VA and the weather must have been at least 77 degrees! Quite frankly, I'll take anything with a bit of sunshine considering that lately all we've had were cloudy days and rainstorms. Not fun! So as soon as the sun was peeking we made plans to go have a picnic at Panther Falls with some friends and just get some tanning time in there. Even though I love tanning and getting really "crispy" in the summer I put on a bunch of sunblock on myself and Tyler. I always tease him because he gets sun-burnt so quickly. I think it's cute but he hates it. Especially when I mention anything about it to him. I'll stop. Eventually I will {promise}!!
I've only been to Panther Falls once before, and although its refreshing and has a nice view, I'm set with this being our last trip down there. The problem is that well A) the road is awful to drive on and it takes about 10 minutes from the " turn entrance" to get to the parking area. B) It takes another 5-10 minutes to get to the swimming area because you have to jump over logs, step over rocks, duck your head under fallen trees, and worse..avoid the poison ivy. (I didn't realize there was so many on the path). Glad the boys kept pointing it out whenever any of us seemed to get too close. C.) The water is kind of dangerous to swim in because of all the rocks. I'll stop at C because I sound like I'm complaining, when in fact I had such a good time! I'm just sure that I won't be making the effort with a bigger belly, or a baby. No thanks!

Isn't it gorgeous though?
Hmm. I love sunwatertanningsummerfunfriends! And I love that summer is around the corner and I get it all! We brought some snacks and played some card games. The boys play poker Monday nights, but honestly any time they get a chance to play they will. So we played with our treats. A cookie was worth 100, the grapes were worth 30, and the Doritos were worth 15. Guess who beat all the boys and won????

Me. Me. ME!!! I kind of blocked it in the picture but I had a nice pile. I think I only beat Katie by a few grapes and cookies. The boys better watch out or we're going to take over their boys poker night and dominate!
     I love this guy! What a cutie pa-tutie!
      & I love these girls. They're the best!
I'm starting to show a little. I'm not in love with the bump, but loving the idea of the little bean inside!
Just as the boys were debating jumping in the water, we spotted a snake. How scary! We left shortly after, but we all had a good time!

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