Thursday, May 5, 2011


Kathy & I
This week my friend Kathie graduated from SVU! Her adorable family came from Bolivia to see her big day and be apart of it with her. They stayed at my mom's house while they visited, and on Tuesday we had a good bye party for her. Over the years Kathie has been an amazing friend. She's a social butterfly in every sense and worries about everyone's feelings. I was so lucky to come across her at school and become such close friends with her. We've had some amazing memories, and some much needed discussions about boys. Kathie was literally the only friend I had at SVU who supported Tyler and I when we started dating. She was so supportive and understanding of everything and gave me some much needed advice to just follow my heart. She didn't think we were crazy for getting engaged in 3 months, and never had a judging thought over us. I can't express how much I appreciated your sincerity. I will never forget you my friend. You mean the world to us, and I hope that you will continue to shine wherever you go. You're fantastic and little BV will for sure miss your smile around here.
*Celeste, Tatiana, Kathie, Me, & Kathie's mamita*

I am so grateful for true friendships and cameras that capture the moments that would otherwise go unwritten.

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