Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial day weekend

This is not the best picture of the four of us, but sadly the only one we took together this past weekend. Meet my best friend and her hubby. Lucyara, and I have been friends since middle school. We've had a million sleep overs, a bunch of conversations, a few disagreements and countless memories!
They were nice enough to make the awful 12 hour drive down from Boston to spend the holiday weekend with us. It's always so good to see a familiar face around, and get to share our home with wonderful friends.
 We tried to make the best of the short time with them, and show them around all that Virginia has offer. Problem was that there really isn't that much to do around here, unless we wanted to drive another hour or so to some good ol' civilization. We didn't want to put them though another long car ride, so we opted for things to do nearby. We had fun none-the-less.
 We took them to this garden where they have these really neat things to explore. We went in the morning, but were worried of not having enough time to come home and change in time for church, so we had to rush. "The Giant Chair", was one of our favorites..Forgive me for not putting the one picture of Tyler and I together with the chair, but I looked absolutely horrendous it. Seems selfish, but it was UG-LY! [take my word for it ;)]
            The bottom one is better!
 Holy moly I love this guy.

I wish that Boston weren't so far away and that we could have more opportunities to see the people we love more often. I am so grateful for them driving down and visiting us, and for the weather that allowed us to enjoy the outside. I am even more grateful for true friendships that are built from an early age and last forever. I hope to always have these two around our family, and someday have play dates for our kids. (HINT* HINT* Ms.Lucy)...

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