Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late Cinco De Mayo

I attempted at making us some mustaches. { Nina, me, Katie}                 

 For Cinco de mayo we had some friends come over to play some games and just celebrate the holiday together. Tyler kept teasing me all day as I prepared things because none of us are remotely Mexican, but hey any excuse for good food and fun is worth it to me. Those mustaches took me forever to make. I got this tutorial online, but the lady didn't have the template so I had to eyeball them. Luckily they ended up looking like mustaches and not weird clouds.
Los "Hyats"

Los "Crists"

Los McCurdy's

We put the mustaches to good use... Some of us even used it as a unibrow..

We had so much food it was crazy. I made from the top : Chicken taquitos (I'll post the recipe later), Our Mexican flag [Edamame, string cheese, and red bell peppers], The cutest sombrero sugar cookies I have ever seen, and dips Guacamole in the green pepper and Salsa in the tomato. Nina brought us some tortilla chips for dips. Katie also made a delicious frozen Margarita cake, but we don't have pictures of it cause it was melting.

I wanted to make a pinata, because buying one and candy was too pricey. So Katie crafty and talented as she is made us a "Pin the tail on the donkey" Isn't her donkey the cutest? I'm far from artistic so I'm glad she got this task under control. Her flag and "Pin me amigos" was just amazing. 

Tyler only had to be blind folded in one eye. Aren't we mean?
Me thinking I had it right on the money...
And figuring out that we were all pretty close. It was a good night and we for sure shared a few laughs. I love game nights!


  1. We could have such fun parties together! I am like you...any excuse for a celebration with yummy food and people we love!