Sunday, May 22, 2011

See the good in all things.

I've been thinking a lot lately on how each one of us go through life's bumps on the road. I kept being reminded to look toward that light hidden at the end of the tunnel over and over again this past month. What stuck with me mostly though, happened about 2 weeks ago. Tyler and I had just received a letter denying us for medicaid. I knew it was out of my control bubble, and that we had tried but boy was it hard to grasp at that moment. For a while all I could think to do was cry. So I just sobbed. I felt like such a bad mother already for not being able to provide something so simple as health insurance for our baby. The instant that I had managed to stop all the crying, Tyler hugged me and told me to get ready. We ended up driving to Target since I had a gift-card that my wonderful sister in-law, Tasha, had sent us for maternity clothes. As we walked around Target, I continued to feel guilty to be even considering shopping for clothes while I still hadn't figured out a plan for insurance. So instead we walked around the home section. That's when I saw this picture:
Tyler actually spotted it first, and then he called me back to see it. For a minute I just stood there and thought "hmm that's cool it's like that chart the Dr. has been testing you with over the past feel months for your eye."  I guess goes to show you just how blind I've been to truly SEEING THE GOOD IN ALL THINGS. Who am I to complain about anything in life? I have a home, a wonderful husband, a baby on the way, and things are good. It was indeed humbling to see that sign. I wish I could say we purchased it, but it didn't have a price tag, and after I dragged the darn thing all the way to the price checker, it wouldn't scan the bar code. I looked online to see about buying one, but no luck. I think that it was there just that day and at that store just so that I could learn a lesson. To always see the good in all things. After all my blog is titled "Come what may & love it" It doesn't just apply for when life is sweet, but when it gets really sour too.. The title is inspired by one of my favorite talks given by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin from the October 2008 General Conference of our church. You can read it here. I strongly encourage you to read it I just love it so much! I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization, with leaders who guide me each way possible. I am so grateful for my husband being able to not only see but point out to me all the good things life has to offer,  no matter how small that thing may be. I am grateful for the power of prayer, and for a Heavenly father who loves me. I am especially grateful for this picture, although a bit gray and lacking high quality, it has a special meaning to me. I will forever remember that day.

Tyler here, just thought I'd say a few things cuz I want my family to remember me out here in va. I'm that guy thats married to your favorite daughter-in-law. I just wanted to add that after we searched out a price scanner with this massive eye chart, Debbie decided that God wanted us to get the message, but not buy it and bring it home since we were so worried about being poor for the previous couple of days. Also, we did find an insurance that will waive the "pre-existing condition" that is due in Nov. as long as we show them that we had other insurance, so we're pretty sure we're in the clear there. Debbie has been hard at work making headbands and necklaces and all kinds of stuff with her new-found crocheting skills, and when I laughed that she had brought it to my doctors appointment, she just smiled and said that she would be a happy old lady. Well, I better say now that I'm going to be a happy old man married to this one.


  1. Oh, you two are so cute. I look up to you both for your
    super positive attitudes with anything that comes
    your way. And what a timely message to come
    across!! I love you guys.:)

  2. I love you two (three) so much! Thanks for 'blogging' such timely messages to share!