Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A piece of our lifes.

Hours later I can say I have a blog! I've had a fotolog, myspace,orkut, facebook, you name it.. and now an official blog. A couple weeks ago I saw the cutest blog http://71toes.blogspot.com and by the time I realized, I had over 8 different craft and cooking blogs saved to my bookmarks. While my husband thinks it's cute that my friend and I now have a craft party once a week, I'm starting to think maybe I'm going a little overboard.  Is it true when they say "too much of something is bad for you?" That can't be right! I'm so excited to start blogging all the different recipes I've been trying, and the cute crafts I'm planning on finishing and starting during break. But first... Let me tell you a little more about our family. Tyler and I met about 2 years ago? Maybe more. We started dating in September of 09', got engaged during Christmas break that year,  and were married May 15th in the Boston temple. It was such a beautiful day, and such a blessing knowing I get to spend eternity with the love of my life! It's just me and the cutie-pie of a husband living in Virginia. We're here waiting for me to finish my undergrad which I'm hoping will be over in about 2 more semesters. Tyler and I have a lazy little cat we adopted when we moved into the house we're living at. His name is Alpine, but we're somehow renamed him KiKi. Like Kitty. I think one time Tyler got really mad at him and just yelled "No Kiki", and it just stuck. He's a booger sometimes, but I kinda love him now. (The cat, not Tyler)! Anyways.. that's all I could think of right now.

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  1. Uaul girl, I love your page. I' proud of you!!!
    It looks like we have 2 hobbies in common: cleaning and cooking :)
    I can't wait to visit your house and test your delicious new recipes, and maybe do some arts and crafts (unless we decide to work on a puzzle... rsrsrsr)