Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen & Crafs

I was going to show our kitchen on the last post, but I ended up dedicating the whole thing to the cat. I couldn't take a picture of the other side of the kitchen because the sunroom is keeps getting shining light and interfering with the camera. I'll show more pictures of the house later.. But I want to show you guys these two projects I worked on.
I made this Valentines day weekend. I saw it on and the lady on there made it seem so easy. It seriously took hours to cut all of these felt circles, and then roll them up into roses. Tyler helped me and he was done at about 2 hours of cutting. I started to make one for my mom, but unfortunately I have only half done. 
This one I made this week for St. Patrick's day. I am far from being Irish, but Tyler has tiny part of Irish in him, so why not? And everyone knows I'm a huge celtics fan.. so I loved this! The lady from the blog  showed a tutorial for these. She wrote out LUCKY, but I decided to do LOVE and McCurdy instead. They're suppose to look like scrabble tiles, hopefully I didn't fail miserably and you guys can actually kinda tell what it is. I have spring break next week so I will for sure be posting a ton of new crafts!

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