Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bulletin Board

I saw this ugly bulletin board be transformed in a blog the other day and thought.. Hmm I should give mine a makeover too. So what I did this weekend? I transformed my hideous and common looking buletin board into this cuteness:  

 When Tyler and I went to Walmart again last night I stopped in the back to check some cute fabrics. I couldn't decide between a few, and then I figured, 1) I love green  2) I'm still in the st. Patrick's day mood, and 3) This is going to fit right in the guest bedroom that is ALSO this light green color. The first thing I did was paint the whole fame black. Front and back. Then I glued the fabric. The lady on the blog had actually hot glued hers, but I kept thinking about the push pins and how that might be hard for them. So I glued them with Elmer's glue. The fabric was just a tiny bit bigger than my board, so I got a butter knife and kept "tucking" the extra pieces in under the framework corners. I love my new bulletin board, and the best part? It was so cheap and super easy! I have to smile every time I glance over and see my new bulletin board. 

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