Saturday, March 12, 2011

The latest

I cannot believe how fast this week went by. I had so many plans to accomplish during Spring Break, and although I didn't do it all, I'm happy with what I did do. Like on Monday I went to Lowe's with my mom and she helped me pick out some flowers for my front yard. I was only able to plant a few pansys and some tulip buds. There's still some frost in the morning here in VA, but I'm excited to start a small herb garden in our backyard.
I also got to do this craft that I've been meaning to post up for a while. Nicole from Our Cozy Nest, made these cute Easter Carrots and I loved her idea. They were so easy to make, I just wish we had a sewing machine so it could have been done quicker =). Click here for her carrot tutorial. I tried to find the same fabric that she used, but Walmart didn't have the exact one. Luckily the one I found actually did look like a carrot. I love how they look on our red door. I love Easter and although I'm still making some St. Patrick's crafts I can't wait for Easter to get here!
I found some of the cutest printables on A little Lovely blog, and decided to frame them. For the St. Patrick's day one just quick on the link.  St. Patricks day printable Isn't it cute? It looks even better in a frame! . I'm so glad that there are so many women out there who have amazing talents and share it with the world. I'm fascinated by their creativity. I hope to one day be able to come up with cute things like this on my own. This one is by far my favorite!
My amazing mother-in-law sent me the cookbook I've been trying to win from 3 different blogs. OurBestBites is one of my favorite recipe blogs and when I was telling her that I was going to go out and buy one she was like "No you really shouldn't." She had actually bought me one, trying to surprise me with it. When she told me I literally jumped up and down in my kitchen. Tyler of course ran over to check on me and he was like geez you didn't react like that when we got married. OF COURSE I DID. I was just speechless, and so happy with my new gift. Thanks again Mom. Since the day I got the book, I've made three recipes: potato broccoli soup (Tyler's new favorite), Stromboli, and I just made homemade hummus. It's so good I can't stop chowing with pita chips. Although I wasn't able to do everything on my to do list this week like painting the shed or laundry room or even going away for spring Break like some of our friends, I wouldn't have changed this week. I got to spend all week at home with Tyler. We watched movies, played games, went out on dates, went shopping, and did crafts. [Me, not him. He said it's too girly for him] So instead I had a girls night where my good friend Katie came over and crafted. I love my life, love my family, my friends, and more importantly I love my husband. For all the small things he does for me, and for our home. 

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