Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girls Night

Monday nights at our house is Boys/ Girls night. Tyler has poker with his friends and I have some of my friends come over to keep me company. It's only fair.. I wish we were better at having Family Home Evenings, but it's hard to have between just the two of us. We have to take turns praying and sometimes we joke about having a baby just so we have another person praying. I know, we really need stronger reasons. It's funny because lately we've been talking about starting a family a lot more often than usual. One our good friends is expecting their first child in June, and on Sunday I overheard the husbands sharing their concerns to each other about the cost of diaper. This friend was telling Tyler that a newborn has an average of  8 diaper changes a day for the first couple of weeks. Is that true? I still have to google this new fact, but Tyler came home saying that no way, that's way too much money going just to diapers, so instead he said we'll just get our kids a big sham-wow and have them use that. His idea not mine.  I couldn't help but laugh. It's so adorable when he starts talking about having a family, and even more adorable when he starts panicking about the diaper usage. Anyways, back to my girls night. Katie, Nina and I started to make the Balloon Wreath, from Our Best Bites but we ran out of balloons. We used a lot more than 175 as Sara used, maybe because we had smaller balloons? I'm not sure but I do know I bought all the last ones Walmart had on the rack... so instead we did this adorable tree that Nina brought us back from her spring break in Florida. She's so thoughtful! It was interesting because we each had the same tools to work with and yet we call came out with different looking crafts. The picture is blurry, I'm sorry hopefully you can kind of make out what we were trying to do.

Love with hot and light pink flowers by me; Spring with hot pink flowers done by Katie; & Easter big hot & light pink flowers by Nina. 
I love craft night and not having to be home alone. I just recently got  came home from a Relief Society activity for the birthday of R.S and even though I wasn't feeling to good, I'm glad I went. I love the women in our Relief Society. I love the messages that are taught there on Sundays, and I love the presidency. Our gorgeous Relief Society President shared a brief message on how we all need to have a little more sunshine in our life and count our blessings. I have a terrible cold, and I've been complaining about the rain this whole week. I cannot believe how selfish and ungrateful I've been considering what's been happening in Japan, and a cold? It could be so much worse. So from this day on I will write at least 2 things on my blog of what I am grateful for for that day. No repeats. Sister Benson said that "The best is yet to come," and I believe those words. We all have tomorrow. We all have at least one thing to be grateful for... And today I am grateful for the librarian who helps me every week get a new book for my book club, I am so grateful for the rain that waters my plants so that they don't end up dying because I forgot to water them. I am grateful for my blow dryer that helps keep my hair tamed, and I am so grateful for the love that Tyler has for me. I am so truly grateful for those around me who help keep me humble, and teach me every day. I hope to be better with time and be more grateful for the little things each day.

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