Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Washington trip

Finally, a little on our trip to DC last week. I loved it. It's always nice to get some fresh air outside of the little egg sized town we live in. That drive stinks, but it was well worth it. We love seeing family and it was really sweet of my father in law to invite us to tag along his business trip. We knew we wouldn't have time for much since we weren't planning to stay long, and because Dad had work to do, but we got to tour a little.
Every time I've been to out to Dc I've wanted to stop by the Lincoln memorial. He was one of my favorite U.S president. So that was our first stop.
Our only problem was not having a stroller out there. We took taxis so we had to carry miss Mia's big ol' car seat all over town with us. We took turns because it's quite the arm workout.
 We went to the art museum next. I love art. I'm not gonna lie, some of them are sketchy, but it's still art. Tyler was mocking this one of the lady sewing. Doesn't it look like Mia is copying her daddy? Too cute.
Here's dad in front of a George Washington painting (on wood instead of original canvas). I thought that was neat.
We stopped by the Vietnam memorial, and the Newseum. It was really cool. [No pictures for those].
Mia & Grandpa McCurdy
 Then we enjoyed some dinner and some quality time together. I'm so glad we went. You have to appreciate & cherish each moment spent with family! :)

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