Friday, January 27, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Friday

  • Having 3 weeks worth of garbage out by the shed. Gosh it reeks. We've forgotten to take the trash out for pick up three weeks in a row. We're not gross.. Let me explain. One week was a Holiday (Martin Luther K. Day), another week Tyler overslept, and one week I took it out 10 minutes too late. I saw the truck, but they didn't care to come back. Once they've been down your street they won't come back.
  • My long explanation for a now stinky driveway
  • Watching bachelor with Tyler this week and his dad. Super duper embarrassing, it's not always like that..  Well it is, big time, but we've gotten used to it. (Probably not the best thing)
  • Having a not very intelligent person block my car in the library, and writting this person a not so nice note. Then having someone literally help me get my car out of that teeny space i had to maneuver through.
  • Mia's extremely loud blow outs. When it's dead silent. Gotta love my kiddo.
  • Stealing, borrowing, claiming some more paint chips. None of you said it was wrong. Only tyler. So i'm gonna take as many as i can until proven otherwise.
  • Printing over 100 pages of chemistry notes and having everyone at the library backed up, because I totally took over the printer. My bad.
  • Being close to crying over a batch of cookies that didn't work out. True fatty speaking.
  • Soothies I have a pretty good baby, but when she starts fussing only mr. binks can calm her down. I've tried other cute paci's but she refuses them. Spoiled? Maybe.
  • Going to DC this week for a short visit with Tyler's dad. (pictures soon)
  • Fresh wheat bread. DIVINE. Thanks to sister Caputo
  • Getting a second batch of cookies to work. Spoken by a true fatty again. AWESOME.
  • A much needed hair trim. Goodbye split ends.
  • My baby. She knows exactly who we are and smiles every time she sees one of us. She's also discovered her hands and has been drooling all over.
  • Playing taboo with our new friends. (Lindsey & Brock). It was so much fun-I almost peed my pants- I laughed so much.
  • One of my best friends announced her pregnancy and I have been going crazy planning details for an awesome shower. Even though she's not even quite 2 months yet. You can never be too prepared!!!

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  1. Love Baby and Shower im so excited and can`t wait.....Loe you