Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1.2.3 Testing.

.... testing..
I'm back (again)
I've been a slacker with my blog and I have loads of stuff that i need to catch up on. When I started this blog it was merely just to say "oh yea i blog too", then when I was pregnant with little moo it helped to get my thoughts/feelings down and record some of the bump pictures. Since we moved out to Denver (nearly two months ago), I haven't found the motivation or time to actually put into this blog. but no more excuses. i want to get back into it. Not just for me, but for our family and friends that are far. It helps them to be able to keep tabs on us, especially miss mia who is growing up way to fast. Since I last posted Mia has changed so much-  it breaks my heart to not have some weekly updates online for her grandma's to see. Here are a few of the one's i've captured to kinda of illustrate our summer thus far.
 Mia & Mommy at the pool. little fish loves getting in the water and people watching. I always joke with tyler. I mean seriously? look how white mia is compared to me (granted I get pretty tanned in the summer), i could pass off as mia's foreign babysitter rather than her mother ;/ Don't forget you're brazilian kiddo.
 Baby & Dad at the Garden of Gods. If she spots a fan or lights this face happens.. ;)
 Here we are again at the pool. Little ballerina.
 Miss gangsta. She loves sucking on the tylenol bottle. This was around the time that those two bottom teeth decided to creep up on us. { 6 months}

 She hates HATES  car rides, after 20 minutes she's done. She'll try wiggling herself out, start crying, tugging on her seat belt and give you the stink eye. Look at that glare!! I try to sit once in a while so that she actually feels like someone is listening. but really i would hate to face the chair too. Thanks grandma for letting us borrow those baby movies. it has kept her a little bit happier in the back.

Look at those cheeks. Those dirty little hands that always ALWAYS want to get me dirty. no matter what shirt i'm wearing. white? new? who cares mama. I love this bug so much. I never knew it was possible to have so much love for such a little person, but man alive, i adore this girl. She's the sunshine of my life.

*More on our summer, medical school, RVU wives, half marathon, boston, and some more mia uploads coming soooon...

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  1. Yayyy!! Good to have ya back:). Love the pictures. Little Moo is SO cute. Love you guys:).