Thursday, August 16, 2012

White coat ceremony

Tyler has been a medical student for three weeks now, not including orientation week. So almost a month already. Really? Has it been that long? Only what feels like a bazillion more to go. It really hasn't been all that bad. So many people had thrown their "oh no, you're gonna be a single parent" "oh thats tough" "good luck" at us that i was excited yet all the same freaking out inside. Would i be ok? Would mia have daddy time? Am i gonna be super lonely? Are we going to make new friends? is our marriage gonna fall apart? how hard is it really going to be? Granted i in deed have some mini melt downs (one during the orientation ceremony where some other wives/students give you their spiel on their life and experiences. One wife (bless her heart), such a sweetie said that yea the married guys will find themselves at times struggling internally because they may see some of the singles doing better on a test because they had more time to study.... then came the tears... I don't want tyler to ever resent moo & i. I don't want him to feel like we're somehow holding him back. And that's whats been so hard for me. because i know he has to find a balance that works for him and incorporate our family into it all. luckily, my brother was visiting during all of this so he was a little comfort.

Anyways.. enough about me.

Tyler's class has approximately 150 people (out of 4,000 applicants i'm glad he's one of those 150's). They each had to introduce themselves. "Hi, I'm student doctor ________, and I'm from_______". that's him 6th man in line.

 Here he is after having received his white coat. I was on the balcony with mia because we got there right on time instead of earlier for better seats. next time..

Our little family. This is what i've been dealing with on a daily bases. Even when tyler says oh let me hold her, she clings to my neck. I'm having a love/hate situation with that.
 Here's to you my student doctor. My love. My best friend. My hero. You're going to be such a good doctor. I'm so proud of you darling.

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