Thursday, August 23, 2012

explanations, parks & Ikea

Ok. i have to clarify why i call Mia "moo". I guess i'll start off with giving an explanation to her whole name. I've had the name mia in the back of my mind for a loooooooong time. Actually i have pretty much all of my kids names picked out. even our future pup's. Tyler and i agreed that we would take turns naming the babies as far as first and middle names go. I got to give "Mia" her first, and he chose "Malu" for the middle. While serving a mission, almost 5 years ago in Chile, he baptized a family were the wife's name was maribel and her nickname was malu. He liked how it sounded and thought it was cute so i let put that as a middle name. I questioned for a little bit naming her Mia Malu McCurdy. poor girl's innitials are M.M.M. Like mmmm doesn't that sound awesome?!! it fits her perfectly...

Well when we got home from the hospital a few friends came to visit (one being my relief society president), and she asked me again what mia's middle name was. When i said mia malu she quickly said "oh no".. Oh no????! People had expressed their opinions about her name before, but no one had the courage to say oh no moo my face like that before. TURNS out that my sweet relief society president had gone around telling people that we had named our daughter "Mia Moo". Gosh we all shared a big chuckle on that one. Love her!! So it stuck. Since then we've nicknamed her "moo" and "moofasa" when she's being naughty (climbing things or sticking things in her mouth that she shouldn't be.) So there you go. The backgroud to her nickname so all of you wondering why i call my darling baby moo, thats why!!

Now back to updates..

This week my friend Jenny and i took our babys to the splash pad. It was actually chilly out so they hung out mostly in the swings and sandpit area. Mia  loves kids and people watching. She's content just sitting there and goo gaa-ing everyone that walks by her. She got picky once in a while when her hands got dirty. a true girly girl in the making i tell ya. But Jenny and I have decided that Michael and Mia need an arranged marriage. Doesn't it even sound fitting? Michael & Mia. There we go with all mmmm's again!!
The lovebirds

Mommy & baby.

Yesterday some of us wives were suppose to go to a parade of homes thing. Have you heard of those? I hadn't until my friend Megan, told me about it. Apparently its like an open house/ show room type setup and you can walk through these houses and get ideas for your own and just see it. Unfortunately for us, they weren't having it today. [We may just go today though so stay tuned]..So we went to ikea instead. Yaay for ikea. People probably thought we were weirdos because there were six of us and 8 kids talking laughing and walking around those showrooms. Goes to prove that it doesn't really matter what we do, we can make anything fun. even you, you monstrous ikea store ;)
L-R {Sarah, Kori, Kelli, Me, Megan, & Janelle} With the 8 kiddos.

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  1. How fun! I love IKEA! And Mia looks adorable in her swim suit! ;o)