Monday, August 20, 2012

"medical wives"

I mentioned before that when we first moved out i was having an internal struggle as far as friendships went. I was worried that the next couple of years it would be just me and mia doing our own thing. not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'd like to think i'm still capable of having a social life and having girl time with friends every once in a while. well as luck would have it, not only did all my silliness subside, but i met some of the nicest ladies. Our husbands are all attending the same school and will be in each others day-day for a lot of the next two years. so we decided we needed a wives club. Once a week (Tuesday nights after the kiddos are asleep), we get together and just have girl time. we'll talk about the stresses of medical school, our kids (most of us have one or two and some are probably not far from there. We'll either craft, paint nails, or watch a movie. but mostly just eat and laugh a ton. It's funny because although we all just recently met it feels like i've known some of these ladies for a while. I'm sure you've heard of "real housewives, army wives, basketball wives etc.. well let me introduce you to some of my new bff's from the "medical wives"....

us at sarah's house celebrating her birthday
From L-R we have {[Emily, Kori, Ambry, Megan, me, Maria][Kelly & Sarah]}

  • Emily is married to Sean, & although she doesn't have kids yet, she has her hands full with all of our munchkins and horror pregnancy/labor stories.
  • Kori is married to Derek & they have an adorable almost 3yr old daughter named Lydia and a baby boy named Luke!
  • Ambry is married to Josh & they have a cute daughter named Lily
  • Megan is married to Brandon & they have a darling baby girl named Evie (whom I've had the priviledge to babysit once). & ms. megan is the talented photographer who will be taking some family pictures for us in the future!
  • Maria is married to Steve & they have a precious little baby named Conrad
  • Kelly is married to Brack & they have a sweet daughter who's about mia's age named Halee
Last but not least..
  • Sarah is married to Jayce & they have the most easy going boy named Cameron. Sarah is the genius behind us running our half marathon this fall. So i'll thank/ kill her later :)
Medical wives

Us at my house last Tuesday..
That's our group so far, but we're still hoping to meet more of the other wives and get to know them a little better. Having these girls around will definitely keep us each sane and make the next few years seem fun! Love you ladies ;)

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  1. This is too cute. I love it. So happy you've found a support group there! Miss you maninha <3