Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Heaven is here"

Do you guys remember when I shared a clip about Stephanie (NieNiedialogues)? Well I have been wanting her book Heaven is Here  for a while. Lucky for me, I have an amazing and thoughtful sister in law who without knowing got me that book for mother's day. Thanks again tasha! It has been such an emotional read. There are days that just looking at the cover makes me cry while other instances bring me the most comforting feeling and courage. Then there are paragraphs that I find challenging to even finish without getting choked up. This is by far my favorite book/memoir. One of the reviews says" I recommend this book to anyone who needs a reminder of just how strong the human spirit is".. And it's just that. A beautiful reminder. I haven't finished it yet, because like I said there are days that I can't even face the emotions behind those wonderful words and yet I wasn't the one who faced that accident years ago. Stephanie Nielson is my hero. Her strength, love for her family and faith gives me so much to be grateful for. Have any of you read it? What did you think? If you haven't I honestly think you need to get yourself a copy. It will change you.. and if you don't follow Nienie yet, go here and about her everyday outlook on life. It is so truly inspiring.

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