Friday, June 8, 2012

laughs and giggles

While we're staying with dad and Wendy's for a couple of weeks until our new house is ready, we've put Mia in the kid's room. There are mornings when she wakes up and just lays in her pack & play talking to herself. I can appreciate those mornings because (a) it means I get a few extra minutes to cuddle in bed with tyler, and (b) hearing her little laugh as she talks to the ceiling is so welcoming and soothing. I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes her laugh and giggle to herself but I do love those giggles. There's also a big cuddly bear on the bed beside her so when she wakes up she loves giving that big bear a smooch. It's as if he's kept her safe and company through the night and she needs to go thank him. Whatever the reason behind those smiles and laughter, I'm glad I get to witness them each morning!

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