Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A week of crafts

We have been so busy around here with the two little nieces.
It's definitely given us an insight on how tough parenting can be. Luckily baby won't be born 9 or 11 years old meaning we'll have plenty of time to figure her out. The kids have worked on several projects that I had bookmarked for them, while I worked on my own little bookmarked projects. (More on that soon).
Here are a few of the projects we worked on:

Fishy luminary which was incredibly easy to make. Cami from You Seriously made that? shows you a great tutorial on how to do it. Click HERE to get the full directions.
 The kids had a so much fun painting their fishies, and having their little "night light". Don't worry I blow out the candle after we're done reading scriptures every night as to not start a fire.
We also made slime. It was a bit of a challenge just because it was sooo sticky/ slimy at first, but they haven't stopped playing with it since it was complete. Julie keeps hers right by her bed and I often catch her playing with it after bed time. Wanna try your own? Head over to Ourbestbites, and check out the slime tutorial here.

We also made these cute little puppies out of toilet paper rolls. I've been saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls for this project and another one for a while. Now we finally put some to good use! Click here for the tutorial. I like this blog because it's easy for kids to do and the tutorials are pretty self explanatory.
These were just their creativity, we got em' at AcMoore (love that place).. and the kids went with their imaginations. 

 These were our favorites. SUPER easy. I found the tutorial on Make it and love it and absolutely had to try it. This one is one of the 10 we ended up making that day. It was so much fun seeing what designs could be made.. The prettiest ones are always those we make by accident.

It was fun having the kids around for a part of the summer. I'm so excited for the days when I get to craft with my little girl and teach her how to color inside the lines, and use her creativity.


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