Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane season??

There's so much to catch up on! 
We went to Boston for 2 weeks and I have pictures and tons of stories to share.
I'll work on the happenings of this weekend then go backwards in time to the Boston trip then in real time.
Just as a catch up.
Ms. IRENE was technically suppose to do damage here in VA, but lucky us she didn't make a scene. 
We went food shopping and stocked up on food/water yesterday just-in-case.
I made split pea soup courtesy of this recipe
Made brownies. (Sorry no pictures, they were THAT GOOD!!)
and some puppy chow for my love.
My dad keeps checking in on us, and making sure we're all still okay and safe.
Boston has actually declared a state of emergency
They've canceled church services tomorrow, and most highways have been closed.
Maybe I should be the one calling my dad every other hour to check up on him huh??! 
I'm praying that the worse they'll get is just some rain and wind. Nothing too major that will hurt anyone. Fingers crossed!!
I've showered but have been determined to stay in my sweats all day. 
It's been a good day over here.. I wish Ms. Irene made an appearance with the exception of no damage.
It's been fun having a "lazy" day with my hunny-bunny.

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