Monday, July 18, 2011


Since my friend Katie and I didn't get to craft Monday night, we re-scheduled for Thursday.
I came home from the pool with the kiddos around 6ish and managed to get them in the shower and in pj's, cook the famous taquitos {recipe here}, make a caramel fudge brownie from scratch, take my shower and be ready by 8. Wooo go me!!! 
Katie and I have been dying to make these gorgeous knit bracelets
but were so disappointed when neither one of us or Tyler could understand the ladies tutorial. That thing was so confusing. We're going to attempt it again since we have all the materials, and I hate unfinished projects. Seriously it's like the end of the world to me. Dramatic, I know.
So instead Ms. Katie and I opted on working on our rings, which again we've been dying to make. Check them out!!

 I am so excited to wear them, to make more soon and try new colors. 


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  2. Those are so cute! We try to do a craft day each week. We are going to do 'girly' things this week since the boys are at camp! FUN!