Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bundle of Joy

I've known that we're expecting since early March, but have yet to share our full story. I'll start on today and work backwards then catch up to the present.Our 20 week ultrasound has been scheduled for a couple of weeks now, and since it was around the 4th of July, the clinic was extremely busy. The receptionist told me to call and check cancellations for anything sooner if I really wanted. So of course I called every day and begged them to squeeze me in. Duh! They tried explaining to me several times that for finding out the gender ultrasound it had to be a specific Doctor because only they could give me accurate sonograms. I had to patiently wait my turn until July 12th, 2011 at 10am. So why get my hopes up? Meanies. The anticipation was so much that I tossed and turned all of last night counting down the minutes and seconds. I kept my fingers crossed that the Dr. would be able to really tell what bump was, and that bump would cooperate in showing us the goods. At exactly 7:18 I woke up to go pee-pee for the billionth time that night and couldn't go back to sleep. The excitement was too much to handle. I showered, made waffles, packed lunches for the nieces to take to camp, got em' ready and swept the house. I finally woke up the hubby and told him it was time to go. Our drive to the hospital is yet another 45 minute drive so I brought my baby books to read as a distraction. As usual they made me take a urine sample, which is fine by me since it seems that my bladder won't hold any more than a 1/4 of a cup these days The jelly the doctor slabbed on my tummy was nice and warm at first and then it felt like it had turned into a pool of ice.  I was a little nervous inside thinking of all the possible what if's. What if I couldn't see what the Dr. was pointing out? Would that officially qualify me as a bad mom? What if you didn't look at all like either me or your dad? What if you weren't growing healthy and strong? But Hubby held my hand the entire time and I wish I could have taken a picture of his face. They say that prego's have a glow, but boy was Tyler glowing.
Especially when the Doctor said a few times that bump is a girl!!! (not in those exact words of course). Gotta be professional! We got to hear a little heart beat for the second time and even see it pumping. Your heart is fast my dear, a whole 158 beats per minute. It was funny because at one point the doctor was trying to get a good profile picture and we both felt a kick. He said "isn't it neat that you can feel her and see her kicking feet at the same time?" It was pretty cute and kinda crazy. You're only a pound (which isn't fair considering I gained 9), but you're a shy one pounder. You would not let us get a glimpse of your face and kept putting your forearms and even legs up to your face. You're also a whole pound that I love and can't wait to meet in person. You were camera shy about your face, but not your buttocks which is how we know for sure you're a girl. (We'll for sure be talking that when you're older Missy.)

I'm  just so grateful to have such good friends and family who are so supportive and happy for us. It's been a scary year but we count our blessings everyday in this house. You're our little miracle baby and we wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. We consider ourselves blessed to have you two and this precious baby girl coming to our lives. All babies are miracles...this one a special one. LOVE YOU!

  2. (Ditto Mom)... HOORAY!!! We are so excited for you two. Can't wait to meet her! Loves & Beeg Keeses! ;)