Monday, June 13, 2011

Phew it's been a while! I'm not sure what my deal is lately. I'm going to play the 5th on explanations, and just blame hormones and stress.. I have to post a new picture of the bump soon. I cannot believe that I'm already 5 months pregnant. Holy-moly! To think that I only have 4 months left to get things in order, sort of freaks me out. both ways. We're supposed to find out the sex of the babe soon, which will hopefully help calm me down on what to expect and be able to plan better from there. I've been recently trying to de-clutter our house and have things organized so that I won't have to do too much when the time comes of not being able to do anything at all.. We've been home just reading books, preparing for med school and watching SVU law and order. (We can only watch it while the sun is still out, or else I won't sleep at night).  
This past weekend I cleaned out my closet and had a basket full of clothes that needed to be donated. There's a place here called Plato's closet were you can take used clothes and they'll pay you for it. I always take clothes there before dropping it off at goodwill just in case I can get some $. Unfortunately for me Plato's closet discriminated my clothes during my latest attempt. Don't get me wrong. Plato's is anything from being top of the line "great clothes", but they do have a policy were the clothes they buy has to have been in stores, or in fashion during the last year. When the girl said "Sorry, we weren't able to use any of your items this time." I heard instead "Sorry you're not in style sweetie". I couldn't help but laugh the whole way home about the whole thing, especially when I told Tyler I am way past due on a shopping splurge. Boy did HE get a laugh out of that!!   In the end I ended up getting a bathing suit which I really needed considering the growing bump. My friend Katie found the most adorable set at J.Crew and was sweet enough to buy it for me. (Thanks again ;) As soon as I convince Tyler to go to the pool with me, I'll post a picture of it! I also started a new craft today and plan on having it done and blogged by the end of the week. My sister is coming to visit us in 2 weeks and I am static! My sister is for sure one of the funniest people I know. Our nieces are also staying for a bit while they participate in a summer camp. It'll be fun to have them around so that we could practice our parenting skills. I can't wait for all the great things that are unraveling in our lives this year, and the adventures we'll have this summer. 

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  1. I cannot believe how the time is going so quickly! I wish we could see you every day (or week or even month) through your 'growing season' and even more after baby arrives!!! Love you!