Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial day weekend

The weather was perfect to get some sun. We took Mia to the pools for the first time and she loved it! She did great in the water and thought the baby fountain was pretty funny. The only downside was how windy it got. Mia also cut her first tooth this weekend! Sunday morning she was being fussy on our way, all during church. During sacrament meeting grandma Wendy and I felt her little sharp tooth had poked through. Poor baby! I  can't believe how fast she's growing. Wish i could keep her little.

Grandpa, dad and baby had to stay under the shade because they are so white and  sensitive to the sun!
I love my little family and the happiness that they bring me. I am so grateful for a loving husband and precious daughter. I am even more grateful for Dad & Wendy sharing their home with us. I'm so glad for the meaning of Memorial day and to all of those who serve our country. I especially love and want to thank my wonderful sister in law Ashley who is over seas serving right now. We are so proud of her and miss her everyday!

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