Wednesday, May 23, 2012

6 month

My baby is 6 months today and I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday that she was born. She went from being what I considered a big 8.6 pound baby
 to a now 18 pounder 6 month old bundle of happiness
 Motherhood seems easy, but I won't lie, there have been moments that I've had to take a deep breath and smile or just hold tears back. Sometimes I find myself feeling inadequate for this task, but mostly I feel grateful to have the cutest little girl. Lately Mia has been melting my heart with her sweetness. When she sees me, she gets all giddy and squeals at seeing her mommy. That moment takes away any doubts that I might have of my parenting skills because what she may feel towards me, I feel towards her a hundred fold.
Her skills lately have been:
-when she's super happy she holds her arms and squeaks 
 -blowing raspberries
-sticking out her tongue
-can sit up on her own
-grabs hold of her toys

Her dislikes lately:
-When you take anything away from her.
& when you leave her sight for too long she breaks out the tears

I love every minute and every second I get to spend as a momma. 
 Happy half birthday my cute little girl.


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